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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

You think you're having a bad day.....WW

Then you step outside of your house...
and look up into the beautiful blue sky...
and see this:

All of a sudden, that smile comes back to your face and things don't seem quite so bad!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Pruning and Yard Clean Up Time

Yes, my backyard has turned into a jungle. 
Believe it or not there are walkways in there somewhere!

The Pittosporum had devoured the waterfall and

Honeysuckle and Cecil Brunner took over the gazebo !
It's no wonder this is my least favorite time of the year in the garden. 

When I do get a chance I get out and
prune, prune, prune!
As these bags can attest I'm doing my best to 
prep the garden for Winter

I try to get an early start the backyard clean up Oct 1st. The city started coming around for curbside pickup Nov. 1st, so until then all the trimmings have to go in trash bags in our trash toter.

Back, so much better!

Once done with the back I move to the front and it's usually close enough to Nov. 1st to place trimmings curbside without getting a citation.

The front yard overgrown

Lambs Ear gone crazy

Weeds and overgrown Pomegranate towards back along with Rosemary engulfing bike.

Trimmings pile is growing

Front yard under control,
much neater and ready for Winter.

My pile is now double parked!
We still need to take down another small tree and
 then prune the large tree in front. 
Then we'll be done.

As you may notice all the leaves are left in my garden.
I NEVER remove the fallen leaves.

Yes, I'm a lazy gardener, but the benefits of not raking leaves outweigh the look of a clean yard.
Leave them lie!

That's another post :)

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Who Has the BEST Brother in Law? I DO!!!!

How do you get rid of a broken down hot tub the ex left behind?

You can see the hideous thing behind my cousins.
We've been stuck with it for 6+ years.
The kids and I have been slowly picking at it with 
hammers, crowbars and whatever else we could find to take it apart piece by piece. You can see we'd removed the redwood siding and some tubing in the above photo, but had a long way to go.
We had tried our sawzall, but it really didn't make much of a dent in it. :(

Then TA DA!!!!

We had a surprise when my sister and hubby showed up to cut it to pieces! His sawzall made ours look like a toy! LOL
No wonder we couldn't get anywhere with ours!

His cut through it like butter!

He went to work on it so quickly I didn't 
get any before photos, oh well,
who wants to look at those 
when you can see it chopped up!

My boys have health issues and have physical limitations
so my brother-in-law did all the major work.

My sister even pitched in!
She recently had two hip replacements!
Needless to say, I snapped these pictures 
and got to work!

It was cathartic for all of us to see that
 monstrosity being cut to shreds!

As it was cut up, it was loaded onto their truck, 
they even hauled it away for us!!
Now is that beyond the call of duty or what??

It's so hard to believe it is actually gone.
Anytime one of us goes outside, 
we come in and say
 "I still can't believe it actually gone!" 

As for the cement pad, I've got plans for it come Spring,
yes it may included my new Mermaid deck.....
here's a peek ;)

We're all just so grateful and appreciative
 that it is GONE for GOOD.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Silk Plants Direct Review

Have you ever thought of including silk plants in your garden?
I hadn't until I was invited to review Silk Plants Direct offerings.
I was able to choose one, let me say there are a lot of choices!
Varieties for inside and outside your home.

I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I read that their outside choices were fade resistant due to their innovative PermaLeaf® technology that combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments, was that I wish these were around when I was little. Mom and I would go to the cemetery and change out the flowers regularly because they faded so quickly. We had could have saved a lot of money by having fade resistant flowers.

I must have spent a good hour perusing the Silk Plants Direct  site.
So many choices, all lovely looking.

I finally chose 

Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Azalea Bush 

 Cerise - Pack of 12

They arrived well packaged and unharmed.

Upon first sight I could tell these were like no other silk flowers I'd seen before. They had gorgeous full blossoms and bright green leaves.

The stems were thick and strong - well made.

I had the perfect place in mind for them. I have one spot right next my front door that I have a real difficult time to get anything to grow. Currently there's a fern struggling...it's been there for about 3 years and still looks the same as when I planted it!
Hence I've just kind of ignored it as you can see...

These would surely brighten up that part of the entry way and they would always be in bloom ♥

I started adding them, fanning them out as I went.
I tucked my Angel just under the edge, I think she looks cute peeking out holding her dove.

I kept adding until I felt it filled the spot nicely.
I love the way the fern comes through the Silk Azaleas.

That space now looks so cheerful, I smile each time I come home 
and see it :)  I love them!

I had a two left over so I decided to place them in an urn I had.
I stuck some foam inside, stuck in the Azaleas, then topped in off with some floral moss.

Can you believe that is only 2 Azaleas! They are so full, I didn't need more than that. They filled the urn completely

Perfect for outside

or inside! 
I am truly impressed with these 
Silk Azaleas from Silk Plants Direct.

You can find their online catalog here 

They are also on social media:

  I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or a discounted  price from Silk Plants Direct .  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.   

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Trip to the Zoo ~ WW

We're lucky to have such a nice little zoo close by. 
It is just the right size for the little's.
Since it was November not many animals were out, 
most prepped for winter.
A nice fall day to wander about and take our time....
yeh right, not with the Energizer Bunny!

Need to stop and say "Hi" to the welcoming committee.
A large aviary with Diamond Doves, parakeets, 
and other small birds.

A BIG kitty!

"I thought you said this place was fun"
Not as enthused as his sister was at this age :(

She tries to get the Llamas attention

She does and it starts to get up

Then she's afraid it's going to spit on her! LOL

The best part...

feeding the goats

and Llama

Auntie helps ♥

''They like me Grandma!''

Can't resist sticking that arm in and petting them.....

(Thought bubble)  Hmm, a dog, we have dogs at home
It's a Fox, lol

Ran her batteries down a bit
Sprinkles starting,
time to go

Grandma and Auntie NEED Starbucks for the way home!
And a cake pop for Izzy, 
Lil B is already asleep! 

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