Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wintery Cold Season Readiness

A New Blend just in time for Winter!
Whether doing a Fall Clean Up in the garden, raking leaves, shoveling snow or just those aches and pains that come with the Season, Amend+ is ready for to help you through it.
Amend+ is a high-strength, clear-colored warming blend with Birch and other essential oils to support muscle and joint pain relief.  With no added carrier oil, Amend+ is incredibly potent, allowing you to dilute it for your skin needs and preference.  It is designed for topical use and is not recommended for children, pregnant women or anyone who is allergic to aspirin products.
This week Amend+ was launched with an introductory low price for the Item of the Week deal!
You can check it out and order here
I know it sure helped me out. I did a major , and I mean MAJOR yard clean up and pruning this year. I discovered muscles I forgot I had! I'd come in from working, shower and add a few drops to my fingers and work it into the muscles and joints that were aching. A soothing warmth came over the area and I was able to relax and sleep at night.
My daughter has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, with the change of Seasons and cooler weather, the pain is starting in her back and joints. She used to use another product but it has since for some reason, quit easing the pain.  Amend+ is helping her greatly. So greatly in fact she has reduced her pain pills. A BIG + !
Remember to use this link and enter DragonflyTreasure at check out for an added 10% discount. Every penny helps these days!Wishing you a warm and safe Winter Season


New York 

Here SHE is,  
the USS New York, 
made from the

New York 

It was built with 24 tons of
scrap steel from the 

It is the 
fifth in a new class of warship -
designed for missions that include 
special operations against terrorists. 
It will carry a crew of 360 sailors 
and 700 combat-ready Marines
to be delivered ashore 
by helicopters and assault craft.
Steel from the
was melted down in a foundry 
in Amite, LA,
to cast the ship's bow section. 
When it was poured
into the molds on Sept 9, 2003, 
'those big rough steelworkers 
treated it with total reverence,'
recalled Navy Capt.Kevin Wensing, 
who was there.
'It  was a  spiritual moment 
for everybody there.' 
Junior Chavers, 
foundry operations manager, 
said that when the trade center steel 
first arrived, 
he touched it with his hand 
and the 'hair on my neck stood up.'
 'It had a big meaning to it for  
all of us,' he said. 
'They knocked us down. 
They can't keep us down. 
We're going to be back.' 

The ship's motto? 

'Never Forget'

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Printed Image Transfer to Wood and the Old Fix It List

Have you ever noticed things have cycles when it comes to repair? You go along minding your own business then wham! Things start breaking, then it's one right after another! Hate those cycles.
Bella decided that the corner of the footstool Melissa made in High School looked yummy. So she chewed off the corner.

I remolded it using wood putty. Since I didn't have any pink stain left, and it probably would have stood out due to the putty, I decided to paint the top white and add some coordinating decals I had.

Not bad :)
While working on Melissa's, Tora thought  the footstool Ty made in High School had a tasty corner too. What is it about the corners?? They have plenty of chew toys they play and chew up. Why they go after the stool corners is beyond me. Grr. 
Time to turn my attention to Ty's.
 But before I could Tora thought another corner
 looked yummy on Melissa's!
Yep, I now needed to fix that corner.
 I puttied it up, you can tell I was frustrated...this corner didn't get fixed as nicely as the first :/

Since I was out of decals I decided to just give it another coat of white and then searched for something I could paint on the top.


Once I found "it", out came Dad's stack of carbon paper again!

I love the meaning behind this quote,

 so I used the same procedure as I did on my floor.

I love the way it turned out
I had some paint that was an OK match.
I tweaked to with some other colors
to get it to the shade I wanted.
Once dry I sealed it with ''diamond glaze''.
OK, back to Ty's. 
I puttied up the corner, sorry no photo's,
getting a little perturbed at these dogs,
and painted it white again.
I had decided I wanted to bring in some blues to the living room and thought this was the perfect opportunity to get started.
Been kind of obsessing over Peacocks lately,
so searched for images.
I came across one I really liked. I didn't want anything to detailed because I wasn't sure how I was going to add it to the top.
I really liked this watercolor, but how to get it on top of the stool? Decoupage? didn't think that was the way to go, so I headed for Pinterest, where else?
Thought I'd try to transfer the image to the wood.
I had never done anything like this before and was hesitant but after reading several tutorials I decided to dive in and be done with these darn foot stools (and whoever took the next bite out of either were getting their teeth pulled! J/K I'd never actually do that but .....).
So I printed out the image on regular printer paper
with my LaserJet printer.
I then coated the top of the stool with Mod Podge and glued it on.
I left it there a couple of days, life interrupted, but by then I knew it was defiantly dry at least!
The reason you see so many pieces of paper is because I decided to add 2 peacocks. I did not want the un-imaged areas to be left white, so I added pieces of the ''background'' from the original image.
I wet a sponge and started soaking the paper. As the paper got wet I could start to see the image through it. That's when I began to carefully roll the paper off in bits. I was really afraid that the image was going to come off too, but it didn't.
Sorry no photo's. By this time between being nervous about this procedure and fed up on working on stools, photo's were the last thing on my mind :/
Once ALL the paper bits were off, I sanded it just a bit so it didn't look so ''new''. I also got my paints out, watered them down and tried to blend the ''seams''. In my concentration I forgot to trim the white edges off the peacock images, so there were white "stripes" between the background pieces and the peacock images.

After working on it on and off for several days I realized it was as good as it was going to get. I sanded it lightly so that where I painted coordinated with the rest of the sanding I did earlier.
So here it is, finished and sealed with diamond glaze. Whew, glad to be far, knock on wood, no bites have been taken out of either one!
I turned my ceiling fan in my bedroom on the other day
and a blade fell off! 
Now granted this poor fan has been through many moves and is about 24 years old. We picked it up for a song when stationed in Miami. Jefferson Ward (east coast Montgomery Ward) was going out of business, I remember going thorough all the boxes trying to find shades that weren't broken ;)
Eventually I did find enough intact.
 Anyway, the blade broke at the bracket.
Not wanting to go through the hassle of finding another
and putting it up, let alone spending money I didn't have,
 I decided to do what my Dad would do.
JB weld the sucker!  
Mixed a dollop of the 2 tubes together
and I was ready to go!
Slathered on the mixture,
propped it in positioned to dry.
Waiting an extra allotted amount of time
to be sure it was well cured.
After all I don't want it to fly off!
Painted it gold to match the rest of the bracket

And voila! Fixed and still spinning.
Since I started this post M's fan blade did the same thing!!
What is it with these ceiling fans!!
Did the same with hers and it's back on and going strong!
Gotta love JB Weld!!

Next the dogs knocked over a birdbath ornament
and it snapped in half.
Yep, JB weld to the rescue again!

Slathered it on

 propped it in place

Again waited an extra amount of time to
be sure it was cured.

Painted it to match

distressed a tad,
all fixed!
Then my favorite hair comb broke

I once again used JB Weld

Once cured I painted it to match the best I could.

Works perfectly!

JB Weld has not endorsed this post. It is just my opinion of the greatest product out there for metal. Dad used it for everything! The best thing he ever taught me!
So next time one of your fave's gets knocked over or
breaks try JB Weld. Love this stuff! 

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hyperbiotics PRO-Immune Advanced Immune Formula ~ Review

 The Ultimate Immune System Formula
PRO-Immune Ultimate Immune System Booster: Probiotics Supplement with Bioavailable Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea & EpiCor (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) - 15x More Effective than Capsules with Patented Time Release Delivery for your Digestive System and Superior Immune Support
That's a mouthful, but a great mouthful!

Have you ever taken probiotics?
Have you ever heard of probiotics?
If you've answered ''No'' to any of those two questions,
then listen up! 

 A healthy immune system begins in your gut and so many issues can be resolved by maintaining healthy gut flora.
Consuming probiotics either through supplements or diet,
has been linked to a myriad of health benefits, such as improving your digestive health, protecting you from diseases and rebuilding your immune system, especially after a course of antibiotics that kill all forms of bacteria. 
Probiotics contain healthy bacteria to restore that healthy balance.
Not only do Hyperbiotics have probiotics in their product they created a unique formula for immune support which includes:

''5 Broad Spectrum Strains: (including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium) to effectively counter the nuking effects of today’s broad spectrum antibiotics, repopulate your gut and keep you well.
4 Billion Colony Forming Units: per BIO-tract® pearl which is equivalent to 60 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) of standard probiotic capsules!††
500mg of EpiCor, a fermented (deactivated) yeast superfood that works in three ways – first, it helps strengthen your body’s first line of defense, your skin and mucous membranes. Second, it stimulates the three major types of immune cells. And third, it supports the production of T-cell and B-cell immune factors.
The Immune System Triad. Using controlled-release technology, this formula delivers a powerful punch of bioavailable Vitamin C (500mg), Echinacea (100mg) and Chelated Zinc (10mg).
Long Shelf Life & No Refrigeration Necessary. With the patented LiveBac® manufacturing process, we offer a guaranteed shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture, unlike most probiotics that don’t provide a date of any kind because their organisms die so quickly after being manufactured.
Only Once per Day. That’s it. Because with time-release technology, the full benefits are being delivered deep inside your gut hour by hour.
100% Natural: At Hyberbiotics, we don’t believe in additives of any kind.''

I had heard of probiotics but had never actually tried them until now. What on earth was I waiting for?
As some of my regular followers know,
 I have been under a lot of stress for some time.
Hyperbiotics PRO-Immune couldn't have arrived with any better timing! I had been having a more than usual stressful two weeks, and what happens when you're stressed. You're immune system is compromised. The stress rolls down hill and also affects everyone else in the household. Having 3 adult disabled children with compromised immune systems, one got the flu, another a sinus/ear infection (requiring antibiotics) and the last, a severe side effect from a new medication. Medication has been stopped but now needs time to be flushed out of her system before the pain will leave.
We all started taking them right away. I love that they can be taken with or without food. I've taken them both ways and have never had any stomach irritation. Another BIG plus is they are time released to deliver throughout the day.
The one with flu recuperated quicker than usual,
the ''side effects'' from the antibiotics weren't as bad and he felt better sooner.
Even the painful side effects diminished sooner than the Dr. said they would!
Hyperbiotics PRO-Immune Advanced Immune Formula is now a staple in our home.  
There are some fantastic tip for storage and use on their website.
My favorite is:
Increase your dosage when needed. If you are having ongoing immune related issues, feel an illness coming on or have just completed a round of antibiotics, you can take 3-4 tablets each day for more intense repair and protection. It’s also a good idea to increase your dosage just before and during travel as it often exposes you to added digestive and immune stress.
With the Holidays approaching with a lot of traveling as well as welcoming everyone "home for the Holidays",
it's a ripe time for stress and traveling viruses, colds, etc.
I know I will be increasing my dosage as recommended.

They're currentlyavailable on Amazon 
"All diseases begin in the gut."-Hippocrates, 460-370 B.C.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
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