Monday, October 24, 2016

Woo Hoo!

Back in this post I showed how I made a
 suncatcher out of a broken Carousel Horse.

I entered it in the Hometalk Decor Contest.
Didn't win, oh well, but.....
I received runner-up!
Got a Hometalk T-shirt!

Yippee Skippy!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fantastically Carved Pumpkins!

We were able to make it to an exhibition of 
exceptional pumpkin carvers. 
Here's a few we saw :)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I WON... Yippee?...I Think I'm Scared :/

OK, Not sure if I actually won? 
I collect data for NCP,
 a Joint Venture with Nielsen Ratings.
You collect points by doing this,
 then you get to pick a gift from their catalog.

When I started I think I was saving for a pots and pan set.
At the end of the 1st year I didn't have enough for that set so I let them roll over thinking I'd get them the next year. They weren't offered in the new catalog - figures!

Hmm, find something else I wanted, 
cuz I didn't like the pots and pans set they now had - figures!
OK how about a fancy smancy (OK'd by my sons) monitor, 
sure why not, couldn't find anything else.

At the end of the 2nd year I didn't have enough for the monitor so I let them roll over hoping I'd get it the next year. It wasn't offered in the new catalog - figures!

Here we go again! 
Didn't realize the hardest thing was to save too many points and find something I wanted before a new catalog came out. All the things that required lower points were things I already had or didn't want or couldn't use. Geesh!

So again I went to look in the new catalog to see what I would be aiming for this year that I wouldn't be able to get. Lo and behold I about fell out of my chair! I had so many I could choose anything I wanted. I hadn't payed attention but when you hit a certain point goal your collection points would double each time you transmitted. Evidently I had hit some the end of the previous year and the beginning of that year.

The most expensive item they had was a propane BBQ, check - received one for Christmas, no thank you.
Then there was this sewing machine!

I have wanted a sewing machine for at least 35+ years.
I filled out the forms, watched as my points zoomed down to 25 and sat there.
It couldn't be that easy could it?
No shipping fees?

In 2 weeks a Brother Project Runway Sewing with Style Sewing Machine was delivered to my door!


Here she is in all her glory!

That was about 3 months ago.
I couldn't wait to get her - so tired of sewing everything by hand.
To take that photo was the only time she has seen light.....


She looks so, that even a sewing machine????
Can you be scared of a sewing machine?

Last time I owned a sewing machine it looked like this

In fact I happened upon an old photo when looking for one of my 2 first born and happened to see it back in the corner. Unfortunately it is in it's case, but you can see what I mean

 What the sewing machine looked like in Home Ec

One similar to my Mom's. 
The one I actually learned on

Those are the 3 types of sewing machines I've used -
I wasn't expecting one looking like a robot :/
YES, I read the booklets!
They are greek! 

I will take a deep breath
I will re-read the booklets
I will take the machine out of the box
I will learn how to make a bobbin
I will learn how to thread it
I will decipher the hieroglyphics

But not today!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pumpkin Picking Through Izzy's Eyes!

Yesterday we spent a magical day at Fog Willow Farms 
not only picking pumpkins, but exploring!
Izzy had a blast, (the rest of the family too) 
she's just the right age where every thing 
is a wonder. 
She couldn't decide where to go first....
all that wide open space to RUN!
All the animals to see.
AND all those orange things!

Feeding the goats and pigs 
with Mommy and Daddy!

Auntie Em too :)

Off to climb bales with Dad


~ Cowgirl in training ~


Pumpkin pickin'
with the family

Uncle Cody, tell Daddy to let GO of me!

eenie meenie minie moe

 Time for this bunch to head home!

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