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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Staying Healthy When Going Back to School with Essential oils

I can't believe it's possible, but it's already "Back to School" time, which means "Back to G-E-R-M-S" time! 

This Amazing Sale is for ALLL the Moms out there.
It begins Monday, July 31st and goes through August 13th. 
We will be releasing our "Back to School Kit" 
and offering it at the discount price of 
only $29.99! (Regularly $34.99) 
We will also offer FREE SHIPPING 
when you purchase the kit!

Awesome, I know!!!
What's in it?

 The "Back to School Kit" includes a 5ml bottle of Jeddy's Focus Blend, a 5ml bottle of Shield Protective Blend, and 2 metal ball roller bottles! 

Why these specific oils? 

Well, this simple kit takes our amazing Jeddy's Blend that can help all kids (and Moms too) stay focused and on-the-ball! Many kids will struggle to get back into the routine of school and struggle to stay focused and Jeddy's will help them to get back into the swing of things! Use topically and also diffuse for crystal clear focus! 
And of course, you cannot go ANYWHERE without our Shield Protective blend in your purse, car, back pocket, etc...This blend keeps all those germs from coming home with your kids and also helps your family to recover quickly IF they do happen to catch something! It's great to use before you send your kids off to school and as soon as they come home! You can diffuse, rub on topically, and even take internally to keep you, your family, and your home protected from alll the things! 
And nothing gets better than a metal ball roller bottle to mix these two blends with Spark Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil to make an easy, simple, take everywhere you go roller blend! It doesn't get much easier and better than that! 

This is a fantastic opportunity to be able to have as a tool at this sale price (free shipping too) for Moms to use when they send their kids back to school! The LAST thing every Mom out there needs is a bunch of sick kids in their house once school is back in session! 
It always seems like the germs are waiting to jump from one child to another! Be prepared and keep them at bay this year.


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