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Monday, August 21, 2017

Barns ~ WW

Yes, I have a thing for barns.
I actually have a thing for a lot of things, 
but barns tug on my heartstrings.
Maybe it was because I was raised on a farm and miss it terribly, 
or rather they way it used to be when my parents were alive.
It seems I'm getting very sentimental the older I get.
That's one thing about living in a rural area,
 I can get my fix from others farms. 
I love to just drive the back roads 
and take photos of old barns, 
some newer, others collapsing, even abandoned.

An old photo from back in the day of a relatives farm
This wouldn't be complete with out our barn
 my Dad built by himself.

Many a hay bale I hooked from a top our flat bed,
 as Mom drove the tractor back and forth lifting the bale to Dad up in the barn. The empty hook tied to the rope which was tied to tractor came back down to me to repeat again and again. 
 I was little and hated being so high up. 
But I would give anything to do it all over again.
Ah, hindsight....

The inside of our barn. We had to clean it out when they passed. There were always so many things hanging from everywhere, I had never noticed the hooks Dad had made from tree branches. 
I adore them now. 
Never realized the windows had sliding closures too!
When you're young you just don't pick up on a lot of details.

 The covered outside stanches.
Not sure I ever saw those doors closed. LOL
Oh, the nostalgia of it all. 

I have to add my favorite cows I pass on the way out of town. There's a stop sign right at their corner and they are always there to greet with their antics.. Yeh, I have a thing about cows too :)

They love to chew on the metal fence. Sometimes their big long tongues wrap all the way around the bar!
The other day it was 107 and as I stopped i wished I had my phone out. One was standing directly under the sprinkler "taking a shower" to cool off! LOL the craziest thing, lifting her head into the streaming water swaying back and forth. 
Couldn't blame her, it was HOT!

This started out as a Wordless Wednesday post,
sorry to get carried away jabbering :(

Wishing everyone a cooling shower!


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