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Saturday, September 1, 2012

EEEwww ouch!

It is any wonder why M doesn't like having lab work done??

Night of day 1
Swollen, bruised and painful

Day 2
Still swollen, painful
The entry of the needle is the light pink dot,
top left, in the middle of the light purple circle.
And what is up with that cross?
Can you say stigmata??
Maybe she needs to return to the church?

Day 3
Swelling is down.
Now deep bruising is setting in.

 Day 4
Big bad bruise

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memories of Gardens Past

A montage of past garden photos.....

Still getting my computer back to the new "normal",
so please excuse all photos and not much text.

Wishing all a great holiday weekend!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Unfortunately I am quite behind with a lot of my postings.
My plate and emotions have been on over load as of late and then I was infected by viruses and malware from, if you follow me, you know who.
I lost everything, and I mean everything.
Thank goodness for my brilliant oldest son, B, who was able to repair it. C also helped a great deal and am so appreciative to them and also T who has been helping too.
Slowly I am getting back up to speed and getting things re- installed. It was a heck of a way of clean house...starting from a blank slate is so confusing for me, especially when my Windows has been upgraded. Quite a learning curve for me.
If only my short term memory worked better. Seems everyday I have to figure out how I did it the day before!! errggh!
So without further adieu, my 4th of July photos of fireworks that B and T were kind enough to bring over and share.
They also brought me a new camera which has a setting for fireworks!
So I just had to play ;)
Love the way it captures the arcs and sparks of light!

Thank you so much B and T for the fireworks show and wonderful camera! xoxoxo


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