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Friday, August 1, 2014

A Little Bit About a Lot of Things

 Whew, we have been boiling hot here with temps at 100+!
The humidity has been out of sight...I think Florida has sent it's humidity to us.  

 You step outside and you can feel your skin start to shrivel! Really! Like walking into an oven. Needless to say we've been hiding out in the house.
The only plant that is enjoying this heat are the Water Lilies.
Blooming their little heads off while the rest of my garden wilts
 and burns to a crisp!  

They get to keep their little feet and body's in the running water, who wouldn't be happy

The other day I saw my neighbor had put out what looked to be something decorative for the a birdbath ? fountain? out on the sidewalk in front of her house. Here that usually means that person no longer wants it and it's up for grabs! Meaning FREE!
I called her as soon as I saw it and she said another neighbor had already called dibs. Shucks, I wasn't sure what it was but I sure liked the color and shape, or should I say how the pieces looked. They were kind of stacked hap hazardly on top.

A little while later she called me back saying the other neighbor only wanted it if it worked.  Huh, why would she get rid of something that worked? I figured what ever it was I could figure out something to do with it.  It was during that conversation that she said it was originally a fountain but no longer worked and was I sure I wanted it. I told her heck yeh! I figured it was non-working, in fact I'd rather have it that way. I told I've be over in a minute to pick it up.

Before I knew it her son was knocking at the door with it! Yippee!
I took it out back, tried to figure out how the pieces went together to get an idea of what it looked like and if I needed them all.  It was pretty grubby, but look at that color! L♥ve
It's hard to see in the above photo but the cord was wrapped around the leg...I cut it off, pulled it through the leg and followed it to the pump. Trashed that. Then scrubbed all the pieces. I knew I wanted to keep the fish and the smaller bowl under it...good thing too, they were rusted together, never to part again.

Since all the pieces had holes in the center I placed then how I wanted them and siliconed them into place so it would hold water.
I'm sure you can figure out by now I was going for a tiered birdbath.

All said and done here it is in the back yard.
I'm just tickled with it.
I added a clear marble to the fishes mouth    

The Jays have taken over the pond, so this gives the smaller birds a chance at some water during these 100+ days.
With the economy the way it is you don't find Treasure dumped along side the road very much anymore. So this cured my fix....for a bit anyway ......

Speaking of Treasure ~
I stopped at a Yard Sale a while back and picked up this chair for $5, yep, my kind of pricing!
It's a pretty floral that goes well with our other solid green furniture in the living room.
The best part is it has a sturdy firm back which helps M to sit comfortably due to her Ankylosing Spondylitis which has settled in her back.  On another good note, now that she has Medicare she will be able to see the same Specialist as B. Her appointment isn't until September...he's scheduled out that far. He has really helped B a lot, I only wish B's was caught sooner before he lost so much range of motion. He's too young to be in his condition.

Hopefully this Dr. will do well for M also.
Changing the subject again....
While I was out hanging clothes on the line I noticed a rose that was still in bloom. Most are burnt from the heat and lack of water. This draught has become a real pain. I hate to see everything so wilted. Cutting back with watering is making everything suffer.
But I digress, I knew buy the end of the day the petals would be on the ground so I decided to pick them to make a small bouquet to bring in the house. Probably last of the season.
I added some Rose of Sharon too.

That's Poseidon peeking and swimming in the photo.

T brought him home from T&T's Wedding if you remember
and doing well. 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Getting Down to the Wire ~ Hurry!

My Christmas in July Sale at my Etsy Shop will be ending soon. Be sure to take a gander over while it lasts!
There's still time to enter my giveaways. But they will be ending shortly also. Don't miss out!


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