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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!! Paint'em Pretty, Snuggle Halloween Mission and More! #TeamSnuggle #BearDen #Halloween

Stopped by Fantozzi Farms on the spur of the
moment a few days prior to T's surgery.
T and C shot corn cannons at trash can robots.

Made hole in ones with each shot!
No idea there were prizes - Pumpkins of course!

Guess we're carving this year!

My carved pumpkin for

T's Vault-tec

C's Flandre Scarlet

Orange Glow by ? missing label (sorry)
With what little time I had, I threw on some pretty orange polish and used black craft paint for the spider and "spider eyes".
Fine point black marker for the webs and top coated with
Sally Hansen's Megashine.
We never got our decorations up outside
but I did get my nails done at the last minute! ;)




Monday, October 26, 2015

Paint'em Pretty ~ N.Y.C. Metallic Nail Enamel

251A, Metallic Nail Enamel by N.Y.C.
Nice light pink color with tiny sparkles that flicker in it.
2 coats did the trick topped with 1 coat of
 my fav top coat Sally Hansen's Megashine.
 I was short on time, not a big surprise there,
I added a decal of white flowers with green leaves 
to my accent nail which made for an innocent look.
Add some color to your life!


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