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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Etsy Treasury

Jody from Shabby N Chic chose one of my Button Rings 

to include in her latest Etsy Treasury, Cute as a Button.

Thanks Jody!!

Bridal Fair and Show

Melissa and I were finally able to attend a Bridal Fair with Tanya, her Mom, Arthur (her brother) and Tracy.
They have been to several...with more to come.

This beautiful carraige was in front of the venue.
So pretty! 

There were lots of vendors with lots of samples...yummy!
And lots of drawings!

Then there was the Fashion Show.
The Models were beautiful, of course, and the dresses amazing!
I won't bore you with alot of photos, just a few :)

There were Bridesmaid Dresses....

Flower Girls Dresses...
caught her as she was twirling ;)

then of course,
Wedding Dresses!

The models were dancing so it was difficult
to get a shot that wasn't blurry....
that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Lots of the dresses had lacing up the back

The finale

They each threw white Roses into the crowds

One landed next to Arthur and he gave it his sister....awwww

The blonde all the way to the left (clapping) is running for Miss California...
darn, can't rememeber her name.

It was fun.
Boy, is there way more things to do now with so many decisions to make...
was so much easier when I got married.
Of course, that was back in the caveman days :o


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fertilizer Friday ~ 9/2/02

It's time to flaunt your flowers over at Tootsie Time!

Starting off with Balloon Flower today.
Love the deep bluish purple color.

A sea of Garlic Chive Blooms

Pretty Rose bud

Reliable Calendula

Apples are almost ready!

Not sure what this is.
I think it probably came from Mom's Garden.
Big strappy leaved bulb with pretty pink Blooms.

Etsy Treasury

Deb's Crochet chose my My Red Caramel Apples
for her A Little Bit Country Treasury!

I feel so honored to be chosen by so many to be in their Treasury's.

Thanks Deb!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Etsy Treasury

Queenies Vintage Finds featured my Caramel Apples in her
Autumn Delights Treasury
on Etsy!! 

Thanks Queenie!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Country House Fall Knock-Off

I received the new Fall Issue from The Country House
and was flipping through it when

these apples and pears caught my eye.

I liked the stars on them and they definately say Fall is here,
but $15.99 for 4 put the brakes on!

The I started thinking.
How can I make these?
I new I had Dollar Store faux apples and pears in my Treasure Pile,

I dragged out some supplies that I thought would do the trick.

The faux fruit
my spice mix
craft knife
and of course..
Mod Podge had to be included!

I knew I would need a star stencil
so I cut one out of their catalog (just happened to be the right size ;))
traced it onto a piece of paper and cut it out.

I coated the fruit in Mod Podge and the dredged them in the spice  mix.

When dry I coated them in Mod Podge again.

Let them dry thoroughly for a few hours then
just held on the stencil and
added the star with copper craft paint

I think they turned out pretty darn cute.
No they aren't the same color and
the star is painted on, not attached,
but I did say my version in the title! LOL

They were so easy and fun to make,
I even made some for my shop!

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