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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Faced the Pile.....

My garage is more of a storage unit than a safe place to put a car.

Don't get me wrong,
I would love an actual garage for my 'Faithful White Steed'.
But I'm not sure that will ever happen.

So for the time being,
I have little...ok well, they started out little...
corners I've claimed as mine.

not as in mine for the house,
or mine as in shelves for food
or cleaning supplies
or mine as in overflow from the house,
but MINE.

These areas are what are known as 'My Treasure Piles'.
They contain finds from Estate Sales, Yard Sales,
Rummage Sales and the like.

Finds that have not been made into the vision I see of them,
finds that don't have a vision as of yet, 
but know they can be something great.

From time to time my piles can become unruly...
they can downright take on a life of their own.

They grow.
Things that don't belong get added to them,
to the point that I don't know what I have...
or can't find what it is I KNOW I have.

See what I mean.....

I finally got the time...yes I got fed up enough,
to tackle this mess, to organize it.

Treasure that was still stuck in their bags came out,
the buried resurfaced.

I added one of the bookshelves we just moved out of the Living Room,
(I bought a 'new to me' Entertainment Center,
painting and rearranging....but that's another post).

It's a little awkward to get some things
but at least I can see what I have.

That big trunk was my Parents
and will be coming into the house
as soon as I make room for it.
With it moved, things will be more accessible.

Much easier to see what I have
now that things are out of their bags and on a shelf...
somewhat organized.

I felt the triumph of Victory!

....until I turned and saw my
other pile....

but that's for another day.....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Never Give In....

Last November,
 I was doing some shopping at Foodmaxx,
minding my own business.

I checked out.
As I was handed my receipt
I noticed the clerk also gave me a "coupon like" paper,
that printed out along with my receipt.

Didn't think too much of it.
Got home, put things away.
I was about to toss the "coupon"
when the Pink Breast Cancer Ribbon caught my eye.

I looked closer to see that Procter & Gamble
were having a Breast Cancer Promotion.

It just so happened I had purchased all "the right products"
to receive the pink cookware package.
Woo hoo!!
All I had to do was send the "coupon",
 my receipt and promo form.

Promo form....
searched front and back.. 
it wasn't on the "coupon"
No phone or address either.

The next time I was in Foodmaxx I asked the manager about this.
She was as perplexed as I was.
She gave me the company's name and
number that was running the Promo..

She said she would call and
would call me when she found out something,
but that I could call also.

I called and asked Catalina what to do.
They would have to get back to me....
I got online and researched.
Come to find out I wasn't the only one who
was having trouble getting the required form.

Another disgruntled P&G customer had already set up a website.
People all over the states were up in arms!
That made me more determinned to get my Free Cookware Set!

You just can't dangle "Free" in front of me
and expect me to ignore it.
Especially since I had already purchased the products...
usually when it comes to these promo's it requires products I don't use,
and I refuse to purchase items just for the promo.

Several back and forth calls to
Procter & Gamble,
and Catalina,
and Foodmaxx
were made.

My notes were increasing...
only I could make heads or tails out of them 

Yes, I doodle while on the phone...doesn't everyone?

I finally reached a person who said ...
"..just send your information, coupon and receipt to this address...."
I was a little leary, but did it anyway.

There was no way to know if, when received,
the people on the other end would accept
what I sent as qualifying.

A few months later I received a
note that said due to the overwhelming response
(well, duh!)
the cookware was on back order and
that it would arrive hopefully by June.

I was at least relieved to know I had been
accepted as qualifying.

So now after waiting for 5+ months
I am pleased to introduce

The Good Cooks Pink Cookware Set!!!!

See what I mean...this was no little giveaway!
Who doesn't need another pan..especially a pink one!!
With a glass lid!!!

And a pink Spatula, and set of pink Measuring Cups.

And I love the pink Timer,
with the Breast Cancer Ribbon on it

Nope, don't dangle Free in front of me and
not expect me to go get it!

Think Procter and Gamble will be having another
promo soon??

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chest pain, more surgery and Fertilizer Friday! Oh my!

I'm joining Tootsie over at Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday.
Be sure to visit and see everyones gardens.

A quick walk around the backyard reveals
tons of blooms on my cascading Roses
and Blue Flag Iris
(which, by the way, are for sale in my Etsy Store)

and yummy Sweet Peas

Whew! YAY!
Wasn't sure if I'd make this weeks
Fertilizer Friday, missed last weeks :(

It's been quite a ride since then.
Hubby's birthday day was the 18th,
but we celebrated it on Sunday, the 16th
at Red Lobster with friends and family.

Left: Tony(birthday boy), Lynna, and Dewayne (friends)
Right: Brandon (oldest), Tanya his girlfriend,
Melissa (our daughter) and Cody (youngest son).

We all had a good time and ate way too much!

About midnight, Tony had severe chest pain.
He has a history of heart problems
so off to ER we went.
They kept him over night for observation.
Monday they said they would do an angiogram
and angioplasty, if needed, on Thursday.
Tuesday, they said it would be Wednesday, early morning...
the same day, Baylee, our cat had her second surgery scheduled.
I called the vet to see how early I could drop her off.
They came in extra early so I could drop Baylee and run to hospital.

My oldest son and girlfriend met me there and we visited with hubby for a bit.
We were told it would now be about 1pm before they could get him in, due to emergencies. Long story, hoping to be shorter, they didn't take him until 6pm.
The vet called to say she was keeping Baylee overnight due to the extent of the surgery. Good, cuz there was no way I was going to make it back to pick her up before they closed.

After the procedure, the Dr went over everything with us.
There were no blockages..yay!
But some plaque was forming in a congenitively
narrow artery and he had better quit smoking
(I was jumping up and down inside, maybe he'll listen to someone else!)
or he'd be back with severe consequesnces.
He was released at 9pm, we were home by 10:30p and I fell into bed.

Now, back to Baylee.
On the 10th day when she went back for her
stitch removel that darn sarcoma had
already grown back to the size of a nickel.
Very aggressive stuff!
So the Vet recomended another surgery.
She had gotten the whole thing out the first time
but only by a very narrow margin.
This time she removed more muscle, tissue and even nerves.
Baylee had 27 stitches as opposed to 6 last time.
Should the Sarcoma return,
the vet said she would remove the leg for free.

I braced myself when I went to pick her up....
I knew it was a much larger incision this time.
To my surprise she was eating, purring, playing??!
They had just given her some pain meds and she was feeling good!
She looks so much better this time than last.
Only issue is the IV leaked into her leg
so it is swollen but that will go down as it is resorbed.

So not sure about you all,
but I'm starting my weekend right now...
where'd I put that beer?!

Monday, May 17, 2010

A few goodies!

I'm joining:
Linda for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm

Diane for 2nd Time Around at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Another slim pickens Saturday.
Out of 7 yard sales only 1 was worth stopping at.
But thats OK
I snagged a few aweome Treasures.

2 like new books (.50 each)
Waverly Inspirations
10 Minute Decorating
These will be going to Half.com....
after I peruse them ;)

And more of these little ornament balls ($1)...
they seem to be everywhere I go
AND they keep jumping into my arms!!
This is the 4th container I've bought.
Plans for them...no, not yet
I still have a few more months to figure that out.

I also picked up a bag of Mulling Spice (.25)
may come in handy for fall crafting,
an old Nancy Drew book (.50)
I liked the way it looked,
a bag of bells (.10),
and the best of all...

several bags of small faux eggs!
all colors (.25)
I've been waiting for my Parakeets
to lay enough eggs for me to dry and faux paint.
Now I don't have to...
more than enough to play with :):)

I spent a big $3.60
Yep, some goodies for sure

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mosaic Scenery and an Award!

Time for Mosaic Monday with
Mary, as our hostess, over at Little Red House.

I used some scenery photo's from our Road Trip to Monterey
and played with them a little in Paint Shop.

Now skedaddle over and see all the other Mosaics!


Maggie from The White Farmhouse gave me
an I love Your Blog Award.
Thank you Maggie!

Now I have to list 10 things that I love.

1. My middle son, Cody's comedic personality.
He will keep you in stitches!

2. My oldest son, Brandon's equally comedic personality.
Get them both together and watch out!
You ribs will be sore the next day

3. All my crazy kids!
They keep me going :)

4. Mornings before anyone else is awake.
Finally some peace to myself!

5. When someone else cooks....

6. Having everyone, me, all 4 kids, and Dad, all getting along...
at the same time.
Kinda rare in this house
See I even had to use 2 photos! LOL

7. A Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappachino

8. Having all my housework and chores DONE!
yeh, this rarely happens
but a girl can dream can't she?

9. My dogs going crazy when I return home
They love me!

10. You all know this one....
Yep, that's my hand with a Dragonfly on it!!!

Now to pass it on to 10 fellow bloggers!

Diane@A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
Linda@Coastal Charm
Amy@Four Sisters in a Cottage
Maggie@Just Between You and Me
Jennifer@The Old Painted Cottage
Angel@My Garden Cottage
Tootsie@Tootsie Time
Maureen@Cottage 960
Lanette@Cottage Elements
Brenda@Dragonflys and Stars

Ok Ladies it's your turn!
Have fun ☺☺


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