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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Faced the Pile.....

My garage is more of a storage unit than a safe place to put a car.

Don't get me wrong,
I would love an actual garage for my 'Faithful White Steed'.
But I'm not sure that will ever happen.

So for the time being,
I have little...ok well, they started out little...
corners I've claimed as mine.

not as in mine for the house,
or mine as in shelves for food
or cleaning supplies
or mine as in overflow from the house,
but MINE.

These areas are what are known as 'My Treasure Piles'.
They contain finds from Estate Sales, Yard Sales,
Rummage Sales and the like.

Finds that have not been made into the vision I see of them,
finds that don't have a vision as of yet, 
but know they can be something great.

From time to time my piles can become unruly...
they can downright take on a life of their own.

They grow.
Things that don't belong get added to them,
to the point that I don't know what I have...
or can't find what it is I KNOW I have.

See what I mean.....

I finally got the time...yes I got fed up enough,
to tackle this mess, to organize it.

Treasure that was still stuck in their bags came out,
the buried resurfaced.

I added one of the bookshelves we just moved out of the Living Room,
(I bought a 'new to me' Entertainment Center,
painting and rearranging....but that's another post).

It's a little awkward to get some things
but at least I can see what I have.

That big trunk was my Parents
and will be coming into the house
as soon as I make room for it.
With it moved, things will be more accessible.

Much easier to see what I have
now that things are out of their bags and on a shelf...
somewhat organized.

I felt the triumph of Victory!

....until I turned and saw my
other pile....

but that's for another day.....


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