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Friday, July 31, 2009

Autism Awareness Charity Auction Preview

August the 1st will be here shortly and when it is please come by eBay and check out our Auction for Autism Awareness. Our eBay group wants to do what we can to give back to our society and one way is to help those in need. There is a button in the upper right corner of this blog that will take you directly the these auctions.

Autism is a "disablity" that is on the rise. It has always been here we are just recognizing it more and more now. There are so many levels to Autism and no one really knows what is causing this in our children and adults. Autism spectrum as it is called ranges from those special little ones (and big ones too) who need constant help to those who are very highly Intelligent and have Asperger’s syndrome.

No matter the place on the spectrum these special Angels and their caregivers need our help. Studies in the methods of working with these Angels and also Research in to what causes and how to help these folks takes a great deal of money, and Age*Before*Beauty wants to do a what we can to help these special Angels.

So starting August 1 our eBay group will be listing all kinds of wonderful creations with parts or all of the proceeds to go to Autism Not For Profits Worldwide. Each artsits will decide on the Autism Charity they want to support and eBay helps us by sending the money directly to those charities. We will be adding creations through August 7. So you will be able to find our listings for a good part of August. Just search eBay to find us by typing in AB4B Autism in the search box. We will also be updating our listings in here so make sure to follow us.
Here is a peek at just some of our listings beginning on August 1
From Country*Dragonfly, me ; )
From Sunshines_Creations: From Always Crafty 1 Personalize your own Autism Bunny Computer Pet for that special Angel, Teacher, Doctor etc in your life..... Free shipping Remember to search on eBay on August 1 for AB4B Autism! We hope you will join us.....Believe In The Power Of Dreams Rather Than The Limitations Of A Disability


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