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Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Tour 2016

Another year gone and a new one right around the corner, 
where does time go?
I sound more and more like my Mother each year!

Here's a tour of some of our favorite memory makers 
in our home during this Magical Season

Our Tiny Tree 
displaying mini's we've collected over the years

S'mores Tree

From the front door through the entry into the living room,
 I glued Snowflakes together for a garland.
Thanks Dollar Tree :) 

 Viewing from the other side.
I wish I was able to get them higher.
But we all are having some medical issues,
(no climbing ladders)

The beautiful Ornament Wreath I won 
from ImagiMeri's a few years ago.

I finally got ALL of Santa's Reindeer this year.
He now has enough to fly his sleigh!
(did you notice I actually got his sleigh behind and 
not in front of the reindeer this year! Yay for me!)

I found more pieces of Grandma's quilt so I was able to make Izzy and Brandon their very own Heirloom Christmas Stockings :)

 The Tree

I used Mom's mercury garland on the tree this year.
You can see it peek out here and there. 
First time ever ~ I have to say, this is where it belongs 
from now on 

Izzy's footprints from last year!

Angel Topper

 Grandma's crocheted bell 

Dad's old pocket watch set to just a few minutes 
before midnight on Christmas Eve.

Under the tree

 Mr. Penguin guards outgoing mail

 I made a "Christmas Beach Tree" for the bathroom
 this year using mostly things from around the house.
I love it!

YAY I finally got the outside lights up!!
And lots of snowflakes and icicles

 After living in Alaska for 3 years, 
we really miss the snow.

So come Christmas, Snowflakes take center stage.

icicles too

Wishing you and yours a Magical Memory 
Making Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Lighted Beachy Christmas Branches

I wanted to make some lighted branches for the beachy hall bath to bring some spread the Holiday Cheer even further into the house.

Of course, there's no room for even a small tree, so the idea had made it's way to the back of my mind, while other Holiday going ons proceeded.

I was in Walmart one day and happened to see the little wire lights that are out this year and had a brainstorm or maybe a brain drizzle.

Here are a few of the items you'll need, 
I had most already on hand.

First I went out and picked up prunings from the ground in the garden. Had no idea how many I would need or the size so I came in with an arm full.
Note: if any are Roses be sure to remove thorns :)

I trimmed the bundle down to the ones I liked the shape of 
and also down to the size I thought I would need.

A couple coats of white paint came next.
Anytime I spray white paint I do it on top of this deer I'm painting, so the over spray goes on her - waist not want not ;)

I picked up a clear vase that had kind of a wave pattern to it, to keep with the beach theme, at the Dollar Store. 
Once home I spray painted with Rustoleum's Frosted Glass.
I wanted it to be opaque so you couldn't see the branches clearly.

I wrapped the top with jute to break up the plain coloring.

I added a shell from my broad collection - from Miami to Kodiak - to the jute on the front.
Epsom salts mixed with glitter went into the vase
 for some stability and a bit more sparkle.

I used the battery operated wire lights on the branches. 
Even though the wires are green, 
they are so thin they don't draw your eye. 
Best of all, they have a timer. 
So it's turned into a great nightlight! 
It automatically comes on for 6 hours 
and shuts off for 6 hours, then repeats!

I used shells that already had holes in them for ornaments, 
along with other beach combed items.

It puts out a pretty good amount of light for 18 tiny bulbs.
The only things I needed to purchase were the lights and vase, 
the rest I had on hand.
Not bad for $6.00!
it !!


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