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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Annual Trek to Bass Pro

We made our Christmas Trek to Bass Pro to see all the Holiday Decorations - much less hectic and crowded than the mall!

It's just something we like to do each year, not that we don't go throughout the year too but it's decorations can't help but get you into the Holiday Spirit!

The first thing you see are the deer made out of antlers out in front of the store. I'm always in awe of them, so neat!

Next is the biggest Christmas Tree ever just inside the store near the fireplace, simply gorgeous!

There's decorations everywhere you look.

We had Izzy with us so since she LOVES fish, 
they of course, were on the to see list.

Yep, I agree, Trout are boring!
On to the next!

YES! Auntie M, this is more like it!

Next is the best!

We got our Bass Pass

and got in line where there were 3 ahead of us :)
Lots to look at while we waited.

Izabelle's turn

Enough, rescue me Auntie M!


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