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Sunday, April 4, 2010

On Little Cat Feet.....and a Horse Collar?

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With Spring under way in our area, as well as most parts,
my mind can't help but wander to the garden.
I thought for this weeks mosaic I'd use some
vintage images of seed packets and catalogs.
Enjoy :)

A few weeks ago I had a "too early in the morning" appointment.
Was not looking forward to getting up and leaving the house by 6 am.
It's been along time since I had to be up that early :)

I grumbled when the alarm went off and hit the snooze button.
It went off again, so I grumbled some more and got up.

Driving down the backroads on the way to my destination 
I was thinking was a miserable time to be up...
notice I didn't say awake.

As the sky started to lighten, I noticed layers of fog
just above the fields.
Carl Sandburg's poem came to mind instantly.

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

I have loved that poem from
 the first time I heard it in Grade School.  

I wonder if he had seen the fog like this
just before he wrote it.

As it got brighter I noticed my mood was too.

The I realized I was going to see the Sun actually rise!

can't remember the last time was I saw the Sunrise...

just beautiful...

the colors were amazing...

I was in awe....

Maybe being up at 0 dark thirty isn't such a bad thing after all.
By the way I was on my way to get my annual Mammogram.
Maybe I'll get another "way to early" appointment next year too ;)


A while back I asked for suggestion of what to do with
an old horse collar I have.
Maggie from The White Farm House had a great idea...
planting it.

My wheels started turning....

I used some Baling Wire from my stash to hang it to the patio roof post.
(my Baling Wire has become like Gold to me now.
Since we've cleaned out the farm, there isn't any more....
what I have is all there is)  

ignore the webs and bugs....
(this was pre-Easter Cleaning)
and I was in a hurry! ;)

Maggie said add a basket..basket..basket
I have a metal basket in my Treasure Pile
I picked up at a yardsale last year!
It came filled with faux fruit,
I think I paid 50 cents for the whole thing.
Dug it out and dumped it out

the basket fit pretty good but it needed to be attached.
I decided to attach it to the post, instead of the collar,
to help make the collar a bit more sturdy
and not add more weight to it 

Now to hide the Baling Wire that was holding the collar.
I remembered my Daughter had brought home
 an old harness from her friends...aha!
I slung the harness over the wire on the collar..
what do you think?

I then lined the basket with Sphagnum Moss
 next I added Moisture Control Soil
and planted Bacopa.

The basket is rather small so one plant is all it can hold.
Maybe I'll find a larger one for next year,
but if not it's ok..
I really like the way this turned out

Thanks Maggie!!!


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