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Saturday, June 7, 2014

In The Garden

I the wee hours of the morning when I can't sleep I tip toe out to the garden and tinker. Why do I play in the garden at this time?  We've hit the century mark for several days in a row now. And it's just TOO hot during they day to venture out, unless absolutely necessary! Seems the  older I get the less tolerant of the heat I become....Translation - I've become a wimp!! :(

I've placed one of Dad's tall ladders over my Lady Banks Rose so she can climb safely...by safely I mean she won't get trampled on by Tora as she chases the neighbors cats all over the backyard and finally out and over the fence.  I appreciate all her efforts but her bounding does create havoc.

I added Mom and Dad's watering cans to some of the steps and placed the larger ones around.
While I had my camera out I wandered around the front yard and snapped some shots.
  Dragonflies, a bunny, and a heart shaped rock welcomes guests.
Roses and Jasmine cover the front arbor creating much needed shade for this western exposure.  More Roses, Lavender and Scented Geraniums make up the foreground.
Would have loved to have had the option of the porch elevation but it wasn't meant to be. I'm glad now because my home doesn't look like everyone else's.
(but would still like a porch ;))
I used up all my Dad's pile of used bricks making a "floor" under the arbor. A glider was added for that much needed relaxing swing at the end of the day.
Geraniums, a few newly potted White Sage plants and Angels along with an old chair holding Sedum and my "Dragonfly Cottage'' sign greet you as you approach the front door.

Last Winter almost wiped out all my Scented Geraniums.
This whole are was covered by them, now this lonely one is trying to make a come back.

On the other side of the entrance are Geraniums, Jasmine,
and More Roses.

An old Climber in the back,
fronted by Mr. Lincoln in the foreground.

On Mr. Lincoln's left is Rockin' Robin.

The right side of the front walkway entrance you can vaguely see the 2 Roses mentioned above, a small section of (my token) white picket fence with my Pomegranate on the right. my huge Rosemary provides the backdrop for my Garden Bike which hold Sedum in the front and back baskets.
My lone Flax :(
Hoping it reseeds into many more next year.

with some kind of Grape the birds planted right in the middle.

 Lambs Ear

 Luckily my front garden is established enough to make it though our drought this year. It will be getting water, jut not as much as previous years.


 Pink Yarrow.

Wandering back to the backyard ~~

One of the many signs throughout my gardens :)
Deck view of the pond.
Maggie, there's the Horse Collar,
it has a Dove sitting on eggs in it!
We try not to get close so we don't disturb her.

 Hollyhocks are blooming!

Entrance to the Gazebo

A rescued Rose from my Parents farm,
seems it's always in bloom.
95% of my plants came from cuttings/seedlings/shoots/etc. from Mom's garden when we moved here 20 yrs. ago ~~ time flies!
But this one was actually dug up because it was so far away from "the garden" and we were afraid the renters wouldn't water it. It's ancient and wasn't sure it would handle the transplant. 
That was many years ago, just look at it! It's a trooper!

One of the side of the Gazebo has an
old Daybed frame part for a trellis.

A birdhouse Brandon made for me years ago
Strawberry pot of Succulents

A  Thompson Seedless Grape, Heavenly Bamboo
 and Roses cover the back fence

This Tree Rose used to be purple,
but one year the wind snapped it off
below the graft so now it's red :/

 My Stranger Danger Wreath with another
sign in the middle hangs on the inside of my back gate.
Don't let those little bells fool you, they make a heck of a sound when the gate is opened...low tech burglar or ex alarm.
The dog pack hears just a jingle and they fly through the house...sometimes even knocking the dog door frame off the wall! 
I purchased this Clematis many years ago. I don't ever remember my Mom's being so HUGE! Her's were so delicate looking.
This monster needs to meet a chainsaw this Fall!
We cut it down to fence height and it's trunk got thicker!
It blooms like a Clematis and I swear I didn't give it steroids!

My favorite new sign I found on Pinterest.
Love it!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Everyone Could Use A Laugh!

Dear Tide:
I am writing to say 
what an excellent product
you have.
I've used it all of my married life,
as my Mom always told me
it was the best.
Now that I am in my fifties
I find it even better!
In fact, about a month ago,
I spilled some red wine
on my new white blouse.
My inconsiderate and uncaring husband
started to belittle me 
about how clumsy I was,
and generally started becoming
a pain in the neck.
One thing led to another and somehow
I ended up with his blood
on my new white blouse!
I grabbed my bottle
of Tide with bleach alternative,
to my surprise and satisfaction,
all of the stains came out! 
In fact, the stains came out so well
the detectives who came by yesterday
told me that the DNA tests
on my blouse were negative.
Then my attorney called
and said that I was no longer considered
a suspect in the disappearance of my husband.
What a relief !
Going through menopause
is bad enough without being 

a murder suspect !
I thank you, once again,
for having a great product.
Well, gotta go.
I have to write to
the Hefty bag people.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bone Bone Who's Got the Bone?

C bought Tora one of the huge beef bones the other day.
She was in love
Bella and Katie even snuck in a turn gnawing away.

Katie had her whole muzzle inside trying to get at the marrow.

Bella was determined to gnaw a hunk off too..

 There's been a lot of crunching around here lately.

Licking too ;)

Unbelievable, Tora and Katie even shared!!
Even though it is now in 3 smaller, but still big pieces,
 it keeps them entertained.
Maybe now they will leave the corners of my footstool s alone!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Faster I Go......

the behinder I get!
Example, I took these photos my Birthday/Mother's Day week!
Yep, they're a tad late.
You should see the folders I have that need to go into posts!
My goal is to make time to blog and get caught up...eventually ;)
My Orchid has been in full bloom for just about 2 1/2 months now!
I have killed so many in my life time. Who knew the way to grow them was to ignore them! Hey, I can do that!

I have enjoyed it immensely.
It brings a smile to me every time I walk
in my master bath vanity area :):)
The blooms are starting to fade now,
everything must come to an end....

I was in such a good mood that week
(yeh, kinda rare for me)
My house was clean,
laundry was completely done,
and we had saged, salted and blessed the house...
Peace had fallen over all of us.

I wanted the house filled with flowers,
so I headed outside with the clippers.
Something I love to do,
 but haven't done in a very long time.

A mixed bouquet of  'Rockin' Robin'
and Wild Roses.

 I even picked some lavender Trumpet Vine.
My sister and her hubby gave this to me many Easters ago.
Just love the color!

The only Lilac I was able to catch in bloom this year.
I was so busy I never made it out to see
or - dear Lord - even smell any :(
This one has tiny tiny white flowers, which are pretty,
but isn't all that
fragrant as some of the older cultivars.

Ahhh, fragrant Honeysuckle..
what would I do without you?
I did make it out at the perfect time
to stand in that one perfect place.....

The light breeze blew to the left - I got a whiff of Honeysuckle.
When it blew right I got a whiff of Mock Orange.
And when it blew at me I got a whiff of my Cecil Brunner Rose.
I was truly in Heaven, I didn't want to move.
 I closed my eyes and stayed there as long as I possibly could.

Another bouquet of Purple Trumpet Vine.

I had bouquets in every room of the house.

~ Life was good ~


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