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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trash To Treasure Party

It was slim pickens here for Yard Sales this weekend.

We stopped at an Estate Sale.
It was in it's third day, so there wasn't much left.
As we went from room to room, it brought back the memories of doing this just a few years ago at my Parents House.
The ladies who were having it were the daughters of the person.
I saw myself and my sister in them.
It was kind of hard going through this person's things......because I rememebr the feeling of strangers picking up and going through my parents things. But I reminded myself I was helping them out by buying things.....so onward we went.

First of all, why is it lately every sale has an Oil ClothTablecloth? 
And why do I feel the need to buy them??
This time one had a Holiday Theme with Holly and Berries, the other was a small pretty floral design $1 each. Also snagged a really pretty lace panel $1,
mirrored candle holder (needs a makeover before going to eBay) .25, the 5 glasses in the box were $1!

A bag of seeds $50, a little broken Christmas Tree (will be made into something, not sure what) .25, Jeannette Powder Jar with Swan on top that holds your lipstick (no chips, perfect! eBay bound) .25, an etched drinking glass with gold rim (cute) .25, assorted wooden spoons (another thing I can't pass up) and wooden handled kitchen utensils .25 each, a small sifter .25, and 2 old sprinklers .50 each.

I also found this pretty crocheted Valance (no plans for it yet) but for $2 I couldn't leave it there!

I'm linking up to Katie our host over at Along The Way With K & J 
for her Trash To Treasure Party 11. Be sure to pop over and see everyone's Treasure!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fertilizer Friday!

It's time for Fertilizer Friday over at  Tootsie Time.
Tootise is out host, be sure to pop over and
see everyone Flaunt their Flowers!

We had a nasty storm last week and got down into the 50's...yes, I know that's warm for some of you. The cooler temperatures sent the Sunflowers into a downward spin. But not before some of the Goldfinches had a bite.

I found one lone Bloom that hadn't been damaged by the storm.

Then look what else I found! Yup, ripe Strawberries!!

Wouldn't you know this week the temps went back up into the high 80's?!
The plants are a bit confused, to say the least.
I thought I'd go out into the backyard and do some pruning.....
this little lady changed my mind.

I'll wait a couple weeks to prune to make sure Fall is truly on it's way.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cinnamon Apples

Autumn brings with it warm and inviting scents.
Apples and Cinnamon spring to mind.
What if you could have those scents in your home all the time....

You can! Here's a quick little idea.


faux Apples
Mod Podge
wax paper
Spice mixture
(you can use whatever spices you like. I use cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg, even instant coffee sometimes. You just throw whatever amount you want to use into a bowl. I like to use a plastic container so when I'm done I can pop on the lid and save for another time)

Use a brush to coat your faux Apples with the Mod Podge.

Once coated roll them in your spice mixture.

Set on wax paper and let dry, about an hour.

You can add another layer of Mod podge
followed by the spice mixture, if you'd like.
It's totally up to you. 
Just be sure to allow to dry between layers.

They're ready to display when thoroughly dry.
They look really great in wooden dough bowls

Or antique baskets

Or anywhere you'd like a yummy scent!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mosaic Monday ~ Pumpkins!

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere!
It's that time of year we see them all over.
Just in case you didn't get your fill,
thought I'd help you out!! LOL

It's Mosaic Monday over at Little Red House
be sure to visit and see everyone's beautiful mosaics!

FREE Paint! Free Glidden Paint!!

Thanks to Thrifty Decor Chick for letting us know
about another paint giveaway from Glidden!

Go here to register for your free paint.
It's not quite as easy as last time ~
you have to tear off a label from another paint can you already have
and send it in to get the free paint.

 Not too bad for a free quart of paint though!
You have to register by TODAY!!
I chose Mid Day Mocha :~)

Just Tickled!

My daughter, youngest son and I went to visit my Dad
and were lucky enough to hit a few primo Yard Sales along the way.

Now, we live in a small town so we can get excited by the littlest thing,
like Mr Pickle standing on the corner!!

We aren't lucky enough to have a Mr. Pickle Sandwich shop in our town :~(  LOL

One of the Yard Sales we hit was next to these critters. Aren't they awesome?! Can you believe they are carved with a chainsaw?

Ok, time to show my haul!

Aren't these lovely? The 2 Candeliers ~ will end up on eBay.
$2 each for the stand and Candeliers, Book .50

The plant stand is MINE!

The Tablecloth on the left will go with my Kitchen Makeover (if I ever get it done), 2 oilcloth tablecloths (one has bunnies for Easter, great for the outside table), $1 each. 2 flats = tons of Christmas Cookie Cutters/Pancake Molds (any and all ideas will be appreciated!) .10 each, 5 boxes of new Snowflake Lights, $1 each, wall lamp $1, gold leaf garland .50, topiary $1, bag of Rosehips .50, oval Cloche .50, Mary Higgins Clark (my daughter loves her and collects her books) hardbacks $1 each, odds and ends .50 each.

A tote (you know me and totes, I never met one I didn't like!) .25,
Great old books with awesome graphics I hope to share with you, $1 each,
and old Eye Wash bottle (too cool) $1, old kitchen utensils .25 each, AND looky at that old blow dryer!! Can you belive it still works? It has a cold, hot switch and to turn it off and on you plug or unplug $3. 

The green tin will be filled with Oranges for a Holiday Gift .50, a box of bells .10, a clock I plan to makeover .50, and why I bought that fake cake I do not know! .25

And the best I saved for last! When I saw her I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest!  I was brave and asked how much.....knowing it would be most likely out of my price range. When she said $3, I picked her up so fast I almost dropped her!!

Isn't she just the most amazing thing?

I love her lead panes

in all her chippy glory

Even the Mr. loves her!
I really checked her out and found a small price tag that read $45!
 I'm hoping to incorporate her into the Kitchen Makeover,
if I ever finish the cabinets and are able to move on to the decorating!
Yes, I'm tickled to say the least!

It is always so hard to say goodbye to Yard Sale Season. Each weekend brings it closer to an end. And each weekend I rush out to find that one last Treasure.


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