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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Featured Member for 8/21/08

I'm so excited!

I belong to an EBay group called
Age Before Beauty.

All the members are such creative & talented artists
that I'm still have a hard time, after 2 years, believing I was invited to join.

Each day a member is chosen to be the Featured Member
based on one of their listings

I was chosen for today!
The Fall Door Hanger above was the item chosen.
Believe it or not that holster was mine groing up!!
I had such fun making this piece
and love the way it turned out =)

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Still Finding Treasure!

Well, I'm still digging through my mountains
of goodies that were brought from the farm!

Not sure if I will ever get to the bottom.
Seems I keep adding to them by going to local Estate Sales =)

Thought I'd share some with you!
Vintage fruit jars I added pipe straps to the lids for handles

Gorgeous Olde Florist Basket...
I think these old bottles were unearthed in Columbia, California
Adorable vintage little girls slip....
more mason jars with different painted lids.....

Love these old cookie cutters...
Especially the old tin ones!!
I think I'll probably miss my mountains,
Some neat old hardware....
should I ever actually get through them ;)


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