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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Featured Member for 8/21/08

I'm so excited!

I belong to an EBay group called
Age Before Beauty.

All the members are such creative & talented artists
that I'm still have a hard time, after 2 years, believing I was invited to join.

Each day a member is chosen to be the Featured Member
based on one of their listings

I was chosen for today!
The Fall Door Hanger above was the item chosen.
Believe it or not that holster was mine groing up!!
I had such fun making this piece
and love the way it turned out =)

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Still Finding Treasure!

Well, I'm still digging through my mountains
of goodies that were brought from the farm!

Not sure if I will ever get to the bottom.
Seems I keep adding to them by going to local Estate Sales =)

Just unclovered more treasure &
have been on a listing spree in my Ebay Store!

Thought I'd share some with you!
Vintage fruit jars.....

Gorgeous Olde Florist Basket...
I think these old bottles were unearthed in Columbia, California
Adorable vintage little girls slip....
more mason jars.....

Love these old cookie cutters...
Especially the old tin ones!!
I think I'll probably miss my mountains,
Some neat old hardware....
should I ever actually get through them ;)


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