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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why didn't I think of this?

I've always wondered what purpose a hooded sweat shirt serves when indoors.
for all the times we sit at the computer!
 And, you could put cookies in there or M&Ms.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Christmas catalog in 1934

I thought this was appropriate to go along with all the Christmas in July Sales that are going on now...........
  Christmas catalog in 1934
          How times have changed...                                                  Note at the bottom of the order form, it says, "If person ordering is married and the order is more than $100, both husband and wife must sign the order form. "
Christmas catalog
You can dream about these prices ...
No doubt everything was made in America , too!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gardens Gone Wild!

We are still breaking records with the heat.
Temps have been over 105 during the day
and if we're lucky high 80's at night.
Needless to say, I run out and turn the soakers
and/or sprinklers on and that's about it!
Unfortunately, I haven't pruned anything or
worked in the garden in quite awhile.
Therefore everything is way over grown!!
You can't walk any of the paths without
being grabbed by a plant!
So here it is, my gardens at their worst

The gazebo is somewhere under there on the right

Entrance to the gazebo...under the out of control Cecil Brunner.

Really, it's under there somewhere!

I guess I should be happy they are enjoying the heat :|

 The Cherry Plum and wild Roses
desperately need to be cut back

 I keep hitting my head on it's long fruit laden branch.
Yes, I need to pick them!
Those wild green branches belong to my Lady Banks Rose.
It's reaching out and touching anyone!

The neighbors Weeping Willow it just about
touching the ground in the Tortoise pen.
I really need to whack it back!

The path for The Fairy Walk is in there somewhere
Lady Banks and my purple Trumpet Vine
have met and started a relationship!

 Both Cherry Plums are also getting involved!
So far the bench has escaped...well, almost.
The Carpet Roses are growing over the back.
You may end up with thorn in your back if you sit there.

My Parakeets are all pretty old,
unfortunately the heat got to one
and it didn't make it.
The Honeysuckle next to my aviary
needs to get under control

 as does this one near the deck.
So there you have it, in the raw.
My wild, out of control garden!
When it cools down I am going
 to be very, very busy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Christmas In July 2013 - 6th Annual Etsy Event

Christmas In July is an Etsy community driven event
that will held July 11th – July 21st 2013.
Search CIJ to see shops that are participating in the sale event.
Not only Christmas items but others will also be included in the sale.
My Shop will be on sale from 7/10 - 7/31
 Just enter coupon code CIJ13 at check out to receive 15% on your total purchase over $5.00.
It's a great chance to get a head start on the Holiday Season that will be here before we know it.
Some items from my shop :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot Dogs!

Whew, have we been having a hot spell here!
Breaking records for being in the 100's.
But in my opinion, anything over 90 is just plain HOT....
much less hitting and going way over the century mark!
You can tell the temperature by the way the dogs lay ;)
In the morning Bella is curled up on the couch,
usually with her favorite toy.

Uh oh! I'm getting the evil eye for waking her 
That's it go back to sleep ;)
Cooler temps in the morning makes
for easy relaxing on the couch.

Looks like Katie is getting warm,
she's starting to stretch out.

Getting warmer, time to leave the couch!

Yep, the temp is rising as
Bella looks for a cooler spot.
Over 100 degrees outside,
Bella passes out!
Just kidding, she's enjoying the A/C

With the A/C on they're back on the couch
 but Katie is still hot, hot, hot! 

Not looking forward to the next PG&E bill.
 But what are you going to do?
By hanging laundry on the line I'm hoping to compensate.
With this heat the laundry dries faster on the line
than in the dryer anyway!
And it smells so fresh it brings back memories of growing up.
 We didn't have a dryer and only used the clothes line.

Just hoping we get a break soon.
The heat just saps all my energy.

Hoping your area is having comfortable temps
and you're enjoying your Summer.


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