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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi (Review and Giveaways)

When I heard Purex Ultrapacks had added Oxi to them I was supper excited and anxious to try them. 

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review these powerful little pillows with their added stain fighting power of Oxi!

They arrived in the mail at the end of a week

where I hadn't been home very much due to day after day of multiple doctor appointments for my youngest.
That meant I hadn't touched Mount Laundry..
This is all I'm showing you -
sorry but you're not going to see the other mountain on the floor!

Having these powerful easy to use Purex Ultrapacks plus Oxi
were sure to blast through any stains that had been waiting for me.
These individual pillows of concentrated detergent fight over 101 of your toughest stains.

With no mess, no spills, no heavy bottles,
 Purex Ultrapacks with Oxi contain
a complete load's worth in each convenient pack.
No measuring, just toss and go.  

Add your clothes next.

They dissolve quickly, even in cold water, releasing the concentrated liquid laundry detergent.

Best of all they work in all machines!

Needless to say,
our laundry came out clean, fresh and great smelling!

Now for the giveaways from Purex .
2 winners will receive a coupon for one free Pack
Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi detergent 

If you'd like a chance to win a free coupon ~
 just follow the easy Rafflecopter Giveaway form below to get your two mandatory entries in for the chance to be a lucky winner!
Once you complete the easy mandatory entries, lots of other extra entries will unlock for you! 
Be sure to enter the Sweepstakes below also!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

sweepstakes was launched in conjunction with the Purex UltraPack plus Oxi Insiders Kits,
 the Find the Red Football Jersey and Win Sweepstakes
Find the Red Football Jersey and
Win Purex Sweepstakes 

It's super easy to enter!
Just find the red football jersey hidden somewhere on 
WIN $50!
10 Winners! 
Hint: Just toss and go! 

 I was NOT compensated for this product review post.
Purex provided me with a sample of Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi in exchange for a product review. However all opinions expressed here are my own.  

Thank you Purex :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

No More Lawn At Last!! Update

An update from my first post

How to easily get rid of your lawn and add whatever you'd like to put in it's place; easy low maintenance plants, landscape rock, vegetable garden, rose garden, the choice is yours only limited by your imagination!

I had wanted to get rid of it for so long. Let's face it, lawn takes a lot of maintenance and water. This was in 2008, we hadn't met our rainfall for the last few years, the very early beginning of our now severe drought. My neighbors thought I was crazy at the time!

I covered the existing lawn with a thick layer of newspaper. On top of the newspaper added a thick layer of compost. The newspaper kills the lawn and turns into compost too. I consider it the lazy woman's way to garden. I really don't consider myself lazy, but I don't go looking for extra work if I can get away with an easier method =) Neighbors didn't understand why I didn't dig up the lawn, remove a layer of soil and replace it with "good" soil. 

Recycled brick edging from the farm along the sidewalk to coordinate with rest of front garden area. Salvaged rock, from farm neighbor, made property line border. Keep that lawn over there!

I found this beautiful red slate at the quarry. I made paths from the sidewalk and driveway to the main sidewalk. Added some spring bulbs and a few Iris.

One year old
More plants were added - the garden was in a state of evolution. White and purple Violets, Foam Flower then Lily of the Valley and other perennials

Two years old
more planting of perennials and a Pomegranate,
 previous years plants are bigger

Three years old
Still filling in nicely and evolving. Cherry tree was added.

Most recent
Some plants have flourished, some didn't. Along the way my dream white bike was added with basket full of petunias, Mom's Dove was added to my birdbath, a garden bench is in there somewhere, a garden lamp was added, and tons of Pomegranates are produced each year. I love it. Does my home look like anyone else's? Nope. We were the only house without a porch - we moved in and put up the huge arbor (now covered with climbing Roses and Jasmine) and now have NO LAWN. Nope, we're not a cookie cutter house any more ;) 

House Entry showing some propagated Red climbers from Mom's garden on the left and beautifully fragrant Jasmine on the right.

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