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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fertilizer Friday ~ Plant ID 8/13/10

Friday means it's time for Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time
where everyone shows what's happening in their garden.
Pop in and check them out!


My FIRST Lemon!!!
I'm so excited!

Things are starting to wind down now that Fall is approaching.
Not too much in bloom.

I'm not sure what this plant is.
It just came up one year about 3-4 years ago.
Well behaved, it stays in its own space.

Has clusters of tiny white flowers.
Completely dies down in the winter,
then returns in the Spring.
Pretty compact with the exception of the long stems
 it sends out with the clusters of white flowers on the ends...
sorry I just cut them off :(
Not all the clusters of flowers are on long stems.

Today's bounty :)

The rest of the grapes for the year.
Tomatos, Nectarines, and Figs.

The Nectarines went right into a Fruit Crisp.
Wasn't long before someone had gotten into it ☺

The Figs will be made into Strawberry Fig Jam on Saturday,
than's the plan anyway ;)

Happy Harvesting!

Almost Done...Maybe

I started repainting the living room and hallway back in the spring.
I'm going from white to Mid-Day Mocha.
It reminds me of chocolate ice cream ;)

I like it, just happy to get rid of the white. 

We had some guests for an extended stay while they looked for work
and relocated. Needless to say I got a little behind...
OK a lot behind in my painting.
Since they've left I've been trying to make head way
and plow through to finish the living room.
The hallway is completed.

I'm happy to report I have 2 partial walls left. :)

I paint 1 or 2 walls at a time.
Taking everything off and then redecorating each wall.
It's much less disturbing to the household this way.

We've also purchased a new (to us) Entertainment Center.
We also broke down and purchased a new TV
which was our gift to each other for Mother's Day,
Father's Day and our birthdays.

So here's the before:

(Sorry for the poor photos)

 The bottom left section contains the Stereo Equipment,
center has the game consoles and the right...well, just crap. LOL


I love the glass doors!
The stereo equipment is dark enough not to show.
I didn't like looking through that beautiful door and
seeing the 360 and the WII.

Dug through my stash and came up with a runner I had picked up. 
It had small holes in each end.
I cut off the ends, then hemmed all the raw edges.

The middle went in the Center section's door.
One end you can see on the speaker to the left of the center.

Also, you can see I added the hutch I found,
at the antique store, to the left of the Center to add some shelves.
I stained it to coordinate with the Center.
The hutch is sitting on top of a great cabinet I found at my fave
second hand furniture shop.
The color was perfect too!
ALL the game controllers and games are housed inside...
and out of sight!

For the right section, I had to figure out how to hide the "crap
we just have to keep in the living room"?
The Center came with one black screen panel
in case you want to take out the glass.
I propped it up in front of the "crap",
then placed one of my Mom's vases in the door.
I wanted it to be centered in the door
and it was too short,
so I raised in on a few antique books.

Love the way it looks now :)

I forgot to take a before photo of our lamp.
It was made by an old neighbor of ours about 30 years ago.
He glued a bunch of wood blocks together and then cut/sanded to make the shape of the base.
Anyway, the shade has gone through many changes over the years
 and figured it was time again.

I took off the fabric I covered it with the last time
and added some vintage laces and trims,
then finished with a row of beads.

Really like the way it turned out.

The living is coming together but....
I still have a lot to do.

Till next time... 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wine Score!

It's Nifty Thrifty Tuesday with Linda our hostess over at
Coastal Charm!
Be sure to drop by and see everyone's goodies!
I was notified that there was an Estate Sale on Saturday in Patterson.
The last one we went to was FAB!
Remember those huge tools?? 
And the prices were great!
This one was by the same organizer,
so I was very hopeful :)

On the way we saw a sign for a yard sale downtown, in the old section.
Love going to this area, there's usually good stuff ;)

And sure enough, it didn't disappoint!
These people really wanted things gone.
Allmost everything was 10-25 cents.

We got:
a couple old books
old wooden hinged cigar box
sweet old frame
old candle stand
a basket (for me to practice on for the Flower Girls Basket)
goodies inside for Halloween Treats
toothpick holder
bag of old clothes pins
bag of stamps (at $4 I think it was the most expensive thing there)
heart box
several vintage copies of The Workbasket
old See's Candy Eater Egg
decorative watering can
and some red velvet ribbon

My fav is this candlestick.
I think it had a shade at one time..
note the wire clips?

Middle son picked up this metal cabinet for $2

Total: $8.45

OK Onto the Estate Sale!!!!
Heart pounding:)

Well, let's say it was a let down...kinda.
Most things were very overpriced.
But we managed to find a few goodies! ;)

a box of ribbons
bag of tiny bottle brush trees
dragonfly glass ;)
2 bottles of Wine!
Yes, we found Wine!!!


Once we got home and The Hubs saw the wine,
he said lets go back and get more. LOL
So we did!
When we got there the first time
there must have been 6 cases of different Wines.
When we got there the second time
about half was gone.

They were $3 each or 4 for $10

Needless to say we walked out with 8 bottles!
Some of the brands we haven't heard of before.

Sounds like a private wine tasting will be held ;)
Along with everything else that's been going on
 I've been nusy creating things for my shops.

Here's a peek ☺☺

Vintage Button Rings
Upcycled Girly Goth Cuff

Faux Birdie Nests

All are available in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks for looking!


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