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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bird Cages, Blooms and Kisses

We have been having such gorgeous weather the last few days.
About 75* during the day and 50's at night.
The garden is waking up with bright shining faces!

I was looking through my Treasure Pile and spied these two old bird cages.
I remembered seeing "planted" cages somewhere here in blogland.
 I can't remember where, so if it's you let me know so I can give you proper credit!
Anyway, with all this Spring weather I needed to get my fingers in dirt!

This one I found in a farmer's field...
as is, no bottom.
But I loved the color!
Perfect for the backyard.
It was still there a few weeks after I first saw
 it so I pulled over and snagged it ;)
I picked up a tin baking pan at Dollar Tree,
made a few holes in the bottom for drainage.
Then painted it green so it would blend better once the plants fill in.

I had some Moisture Control Planting Mix so I added that.
It will help hold moisture during our 105+* Dog Days of Summer.
I also hooked it up to my drip line, which is that black hose you
see in the back.
I planted Impatiens which should do well in both cages.
In the center I have an angel that is blowing a kiss.

I added sphagnum moss to the top to help hold mositure
as well as hide some discrepancies, like the drip line.

Onto the next one which came from the free pile at a garage sale.
It is missing the sliding tray...no biggie.

I stuffed sphagnum moss into the front opening
where the tray would be. Covered the moss with a coffee filter
to keep soil from escaping when it drains.
Added soil and planted.
Yep, another angel blowing a kiss.
Sphagnum moss again over the top.

In her final resting spot near the front door

By now you're probably wondering about
my angels....

They have special meaning to me.
After we moved here I wanted
to find "something" blowing a kiss.
It's a special memory from when I was younger...
and older too.
Doesn't sound difficult.
I was always on the look out at
Yard and Garage sales, Thrifts, etc.
Wasn't any to be found.
I kind of forgot about it for awhile.

Then my Mom passed.
Once I started going to sales and; thrifting again
I started finding them.....
Lots of them!
I don't seek them out anymore...they find me
I feel it Mom's way of saying "hi".
Sounds silly I know, but they have a way of turning up
just when I need a "hug".
Love and Miss you Mom.

Speaking of blowing kisses...
look what I found while thrifting this weekend

Yep, another one
she's already settled nicely into
"The Fairy Walk"
$1 at yard sale

Love ya Mom 


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