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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I Almost Missed My Spring Blooms!

Dad started this rose for me from Mom's

Right after Easter I came down with Bronchitis,
C did too. :(
His surgery had to be postponed.
Then I got the flu.
Yep, I was batting a thousand.
This can't be - I NEVER get sick!!
After going to the Dr. I went to bed,
stayed there for about a week and a half.

BandT gave me this gorgeous tree Rose

For the first time in my life I listened to my body
and that's what it said to do, so I did.
Rose started by Dad for me from Mom's

I ventured outback yesterday for what seemed
the first time in months.

Iris from Mom

Everything was either in full bloom,
or just about finished!
Very disappointed to say the least.

Dad started this rose for me from Mom's

I snapped away as quickly as I could,
feeling that all the blossoms were all going to fall
with every step I took!

My Lady Banks Rose decided to climb from it's
ladder into the Cherry Plum

which was fine, but very few blooms were left.
The ground was covered in yellow petals.

But at least I didn't miss my Cecil Brunner!!
Brings back memories of my Mom ♥♥

It has just about covered the arbor
and most of the gazebo ~

the scent is intoxicating.

Cecil Brunner bloom.
BandT gave me another Cecil last Mom's Day for the
other side of the gazebo
so it would fill in faster ♥♥

Cecil Brunner bloom

Remember the succulents I planted in the strawberry pot
here and here?
Here they are, the pot is in there somewhere!

I lost most of my Lilacs to the drought.
So upsetting, they were older ones from my parents farm.
I only have a few left of ones I have bought.

The Fig tree already has figs!
Turkey Fig from my parents original.

The garden from a different angle

Too late to pick the Asparagus :(
Hand me down from Dad.

3 in 1 Apple, given to me by Dad,
 just about done blooming.

Variegated Pittosporum (Mock Orange) in bloom,
smells heavenly

Wild area under my bedroom window, full of Calendula.
Someday it may look a little more tamed.
You can barely see my edging of blue bottles along the railroad tie and walkway the Calendula has overrun.

Oxalis getting ready to die down for the Summer.
When we we're little my sister and
I would pick a stem and suck on it.
Mom always called this "Sour Grass".
I was an adult before I knew the actual name! LOL
Another plant from Mom.

Sea of Forget-Me-Nots already going to seed.

Rosemary in bloom


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