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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Paint'em Pretty ~ Happy Thanksgiving

I'm so excited an how good these came out!
I've been wanting to try using feathers as 
embellishments for a while now.
With Thanksgiving coming up I also wanted to change up my colors to reflect the Season, so I thought lets try!

I have chicken feathers from my 
Sister's chickens that were molted naturally.
 I went through to find two similar patterned 
ones approximately the same size.

I love the rich chocolate brown 
Nirvana (949) by Sinful Colors that I used. 
One coat did the trick followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

For my accent nail I used Sand Tropez (668) by Esssie.
While still wet I placed the feather and
 lightly tapped it down in place.
Luckily they both cooperated, 
I was worried they would stick in a weird shape.
I roughly snipped the extra feather off at the end of my nail, 
then trimmed closer and more evenly.

Once dry I topped with a clear coat which was kind of tricky.
The feather was going the opposite direction you would normally brush. I didn't want to go against it and "ruffle" feathers.
I ended up brushing the top coat on backwards
 just enough to cover the feathers.
Once that coat was dry I put on another top coat brushing the normal direction followed by Seche Vite.


Love it!

Wishing everyone a
Happy Thanksgiving!


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