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Sunday, December 4, 2022

A Few Great Tips for Winter!

Winter has finally hit in our neck of the woods and we've been having some pretty good frost in the mornings. Here's a tip I read, use breathable crib sheets over your delicate plants.
The elastic sure helps it stay on.

This is something I need to do!
Use foam gaskets to seal electrical boxes.
According to energy experts, electrical boxes that hold switches 
 or outlets are major sources of heat loss. 
 Foam gaskets (reasonably priced at home centers) won’t completely seal the boxes, but they’ll help. 
 They’re quick to install— just take off the cover plate,
 stick the gasket over the box, then put the plate back on.
Easy peasy!
Now this is clever!
Use bubble wrap for window insulation! 
Cut the bubble wrap to fit the window pane with scissors.
  Spray a film of water on the window using a spray bottle.
  Apply the bubble wrap while the window is still wet and press it into place.  The bubble side goes toward the glass.
  To remove the bubble wrap, just pull it off starting from a corner.  You can save it and use it for several years.  It does not leave a mess or stains on the window glass.
Another easy peasy!

During the Winter the home can smell a little musty from being all closed up, I thought this was great hack too! And easy!
With the Holidays comes seeing friends and relatives you may haven't seen since last year. That also means sharing of the viruses, colds, flus, and any bugs to be had. We all know stress weakens our immune system and although we all look forward to seeing each other it can be stressful. So here's a few tips to help out with any bumps, bruises, headaches, bugs, etc. that may come your way.

1 tablespoon honey
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
 Combine the honey and cinnamon in a bowl.
Eat it plain or mixed into tea or
applesauce 4 times a day until cold symptoms are alleviated.
Only for children over 1 year of age.


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