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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Paint'em Pretty ~ Make Them Look Like Lace Tutorial

I really wanted a lace look to at least one of my nails.
 I tried using different pieces of lace to use as a stencil and lightly pounced with my polish brush almost dry ~ fail. Each one came out a mess, you couldn't see the solid lines in the lace. 
I thought I could use the same process as you would in crafts, 
but it didn't work for me :( 

So I played around with dots, what else?
seems they are my go to and about all I can master decently.
After playing for a bit on paper and getting no where but frustrated, I hit upon almost an eyelet shape ~ 
hey, close enough to lace for me!

I wanted to do a tutorial but in the midst of actually painting my nails I was too nervous to screw up. So I decided to do one after my nails were dry -  like a week later dry! 
Sorry, crazy busy here, in fact so busy... 

I have had this same polish on since 8/29 - 
yes you heard me right! 
I did this for our trek to Monterey on 8/31!
 ONE month ago!!!!
I can't believe how they have held up! 
I've pruned my backyard, fixed my pond, pulled weeds, fixed the front sprinklers, had my Grammy days with my granddaughter, bathed our dogs - twice, all along with my regular chores.
I'll show a photo of what they look like at the end ~ personal best!lol

For my base coat I used 2 coats of 
Wonder Mint by Sinful Colors
My thumb and ring fingers are accented with
Snow Me White by Sinful Colors
and topped off with Seche Vite

To get the lace/eyelet design,
 I used the end of a large paint brush dipped
 in Snow Me White and 
placed 3 dots next to each other touching making
 a scallop type edge.

(Pretend you don't see the blue dots)
Fill in the rest of the nail to the tip with 
the Snow Me White

Use the end of a smaller paint brush that has been 
dipped in Wonder Mint and place 3 dots inside the
3 white scallops. 

I added 3 white dots down my thumb nail

Then added the smaller blue inside the white

I'm not very accurate as you can see, 
so I ended up with half moons!
I'll have to remember this for Halloween LOL


Tip: When dotting, I take some polish out of the bottle with the brush and make a puddle on a piece of paper. That way you can control the amount of polish you have on the end of your brush. Too much, dot some off on the paper. Too little add a bit more.
It's a good way to test out whatever you're going to use as your dotting tool too.  

Mani today - 9/29 - one month old

Yep, need mani BAD - 
grown out, a big corner chip but,
 still getting compliments!

Just need some down time.....
I'm no gypsy, but see none in my near future...
according to my calendar....

Monday, September 26, 2016

Road Trip !!! with MY SISter!!!

First let me say it has been such a long time since we have been further than 1 1/2 hrs. from home, this was a well deserved break and to have my Sister along was even more...more... extra...extra... 

We may have not got Sharky's head in our selfie
 and Cody ducked out, but I snatched his shirt 

and  and held on for the next two 
(I'm not really smiling, I'm gritting my teeth!!)

See how happy he was I did


After certain people 

were done

playing up

to Mr. Sharky we hit the streets.

I guess now we know where she gets it from ~ 
Oh poor Izzy with her crazy AuntieM

We wandered the shops,
then grabbed a bite


The Fish Hopper always gives you a show

Loved the Jellyfish chandys

And of course, 
walked out with our bellies full...
 sorry bub!




Then who did we run into?

The King!
For those of you who don't know my sister, this is her long lost Soul Mate from High School - yes, her hubby knows.

And what a good hubby he is, as he stood there during the concerts and let her scream and faint then scream some more. I'm sure the process repeated itself many more times.
(At least that's what I see in my minds eye)

We were lucky enough (I say loosely for her) to share a bedroom growing up. Remember we're 10 years apart. She wasn't too keen with me using her lipstick to color in her ''Elvis" albums
(I say with nose wrinkled)
Mom would tell her to put them higher up.
I earned to climb. he he
Eh huh, I was the thorn in her side, poor thing.

But I digress, she was and still is a huge Elvis fan.
I thought we would never going to get her away. 
At one point we tried peeling her off!

Then she got INSIDE!!!
Yes, he does have nice hair.....

I thought we were going to have to take him home with us!
Whew, think it's time to head home.

Anyone see Melissa???

There she is!
OK Liss, time to go ~

I joke, but we all had a great time making some new Memories with someone we don't often get to play with

No Sandy, not Elvis


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