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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holiday Decorating Trends

You may love your traditional holiday ornaments
and decorations, but...
new trends are always around the corner.
Holiday Trees
Thanks to slimline trees, your holiday decorating possibilities have expanded. Now, instead of making one large tree the focal point, you can decorate several “skinny” trees and showcase them throughout the house. Eliminating your large tree opens up space for other uses.
Go bold.
Neon-inspired decorations are predicted to make a splash this season along with dip dyed decorations. You can dip dye most anything, like ornaments, glass and ceramic containers, table linens, stemware, tree skirts and more. Use your imagination and go wild!
Old-world lavishness.
Think gold accents, opulent materials and jewel tones reminiscent of czarist Russia and Middle Eastern empires. Details are everything, so go for elegant trimmings, delicate ribbon ornament hangers, intricate beading and beautiful fabrics.

Back to nature.
Natural materials will be big this year. Give pinecones, acorns or branches some glitz with metallic paint in gold, silver or copper. Fill glass jars with red berries for a pop of color. Embellish fabrics, like burlap, with lace, ribbons and shiny trimmings. Add pastel accents to homemade, natural and recycled materials. Sprinkle in some birch tree patterns for texture and natural simplicity.
Accent the saturated, traditional reds of the season with maroon, scarlet and magenta. Mix reds with trendy colors like fuchsia and deep plum, another new favorite. Make everything pop with gleaming gold and silver touches.
What ever you decide, have fun and make Memories!

Monday, November 23, 2015

BIG...BIG Dog!


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