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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Easy and Quick Last Minute Easter Favors

Spring/Easter makes me feel like everything's new and fresh.
That's why I like to send my guests home from Easter Dinner with a plant.
It just seems right to me.

''To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow''
Audrey Hepburn

So this year when my mind went to plants,
my pocketbook didn't follow.

I needed to think up a way to put together something inexpensive
so I could continue with my tradition.

I was at Walmart (what the heck would I do without that store?)
 perusing the garden section when I saw they had 6 packs on sale.
I grabbed a couple of Petunias 

and headed inside to find peat pots.

Once I got home I gave each peat pot a paint job in various Eastery colors.
While waiting for them to dry,
 I hopped on the computer to check out my Graphics.

Printed out some Easter Graphics
and once the pots were dry, glued them on

The next day I transplanted the Petunias into their own peat pots.
I tore a coffee filter up and placed a piece in the bottom of each pot to prevent the dirt from coming out but still allowing for complete drainage.

There ya go!
A buck a 6 pack, peat pots $1.59,
12 plant favors for under $4.00 ♥♥

And since the Petunias are in the peat pots,
the whole pot can go right into the ground.
Easy peasy for my guests too!

All ready for Easter Sunday 


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