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Monday, September 21, 2020

Eurasian Doves That Live in My Backyard ~ WW


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A No-Sew Cover for My Favorite Chair

Once upon a time there was a second hand furniture shop I absolutely loved. The furniture and accessories inside were immaculate and everything was reasonable. Can I dare say at one time everything in my living room and most of my home had been replaced with items from that shop. Unfortunately it's closed now 😔

Years ago I bought a chair, a Rowe Addison. Made very well, so comfortable, and it had a washable slipcover - everything you could ask for.

A little while later she got another one in, this time it was a chair and a half!
Yep, you bet I grabbed it for $35!  exact same style, same green slipcover and ohhh that extra half a chair made it big enough that I could curl right up and take a nap. It was my chair!  I don't think I even liked a piece of furniture like that before, let alone loved one!

Not having enough room to have two of these chairs, I decided to sell the regular one. (Worst decision of my life, even if I sold it for twice what I paid for it!)

But I still had my big chair 💚

Before I knew it I had company ~
Yes, my bad for letting them up there in the first place 😖

They started sitting in it even without me 😟

Did I say I could curl up for a nap?

My poor chair was getting a work out.
The canvas like cover was strong and bared through many washings. 
The fabric started to come apart at the piping.
I kept repairing it, over and over at each new separation.
It got to the point where it was no longer repairable.

It became the dogs chair 😢
I threw a comforter over the slip cover
They enjoyed the chair immensely.

After searching and searching online for a store that carried Rowe Addison furniture (hoping they would carry slipcovers also), I finely was given the number to their main headquarters.  You see, I could find the regular size chair (yes the one I sold) and it's slipcover in several stores, but not the chair and a half chair. I was curious regarding the price, maybe I could buy a new one? even though all I needed was the slipcover because that chair is as solid as a rock!

I called and talked to the manager. He said he knew which model I was talking about and that they had a factory in California that would be closer to me. I thought great!  Then he quoted me a rough price.....$600. for the slipcover only.
I almost dropped the phone, all I could get out was a airless "Thank you" before I hung up. OMG! I thought I must have heard wrong. I composed myself and called the factory in California. I was given the same quote - they don't make the chair and a half anymore so it would take 5-6 weeks to make the cover then ship it to me.

OK, getting a replacement was NOT going to be a possibility.
I was tired of that comforter and really wanted it gone.

I was worn down enough to order a slipcover from Sure Fit. I knew their covers wouldn't fit. The chair size would be too small and the loveseat size too big. But after scouring the web and not finding chair and a half slipcovers, I knew I didn't have a choice. I went with the loveseat size.
I tucked and tucked and tied it in places it wasn't suppose to be tied, but they always look decent until someone sits on them.

OK, I give....It's officially the dogs chair.  🐶

Fast forward 5+ yrs.
I've decided I want my chair back!
I would love to be able to whip a slipcover up on my sewing machine, but let's face it - if I could've have done that it would've already happened!

This Canvas Drop Cloth No-Sew Slipcover idea came from Michelle, over at The Painted Hinge.  She did it much better than I on a SOFA! Her directions are so easy to follow. I hope mine are also. I did end up kind of winging it since I kept my seat and back cushions separate.

Michelle recommends ''Melca canvas drop cloths for several reasons. First, they are seamless, so no crooked seams in the middle of your sofa when it’s covered. Second, the canvas is good quality and not super heavy, but a nice weight for using as a slip cover. Third, I love the natural color of their drop cloths.''

Here we go ~

Bare chair without seat and back cushions
I laundered the drop cloth prior to putting it on the chair, just in case there was shrinkage.  This is meant to be a slipcover, so it will be laundered from time to time.

I measured my chair then bought a drop cloth twice as big. I would rather have too much fabric than be short. I centered the chair under the drop cloth - width and lengthwise.

I started tucking at the back of the seat, then along the base of the arms, front then back of the arms.

I smoothed the fabric over the arms and back

I pulled excess fabric to the sides and pinned where necessary to hold it in place. I used big 4'' safety pins. They look like Scottish Kilt pins to me, so in my opinion they don't look tacky. 

Next came the back cushion. It was desperately in need of more stuffing. How much I just didn't realize. But no worries. Whenever I see batting, fiberfill or the like at a sale I snatch it up.  The bags at usually full and the most I've ever paid was 50 cents. I never have plans for it, but for that price I can't leave it there. It's a good this I don't. This poor cushion took two full fiberfill bags and a battling bag to fluff it back up and make it look decent again!
All I did was unsew enough of the bottom seam so I could get my hand in and move the filling around equally.

See how nice and full it is now!
To cover the back cushion I purchased a small drop cloth and just winged it, wrapping the cushion and pinning where needed. 

For the T-seat cushion I had some fabric left from when I recovered my kitchen benches. It was just big enough for the seat. It's pinned to the bottom of the cushion where needed to hold it in place.
If you have square cushions this will be a piece of cake. Unfortunately neither my back or seat cushions are square, so they aren't very neat. When all put together most of the cushion pins are hidden.

At least now when it gets dirty I can unpin and toss it all in the wash.
The dogs have learned to not get on it.....well, almost. I put a big box on it when I'm sitting in it. LOL  Now Bynx has decided she likes it. She's almost 20 yrs. old, has three legs, is full of arthritis, a kidney and a respiratory issue she will have for the rest of her life so ~ wherever she finds comfort I hate to deprive her.
The box is usually next to her, giving her space to curl up. If she leaves the box is there to remind the dogs.

Pets ~ love'em to death
Oh, you would like to know where the dogs curl up now?
Where else - on my bed! LOL

Not bad for for not having to sew. 
I like the pattern on the seat.
Hoping one day I'll meet a seamstress who won't charge me an arm and a leg to make a real slipcover for MY chair ♥
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