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Friday, October 18, 2019

Haunted House Turned Victorian Christmas Home

I wanted to make a snow covered Victorian House.
I happened to be at the Dollar Tree and saw this lite up Haunted House.
My rusty light bulb started to flicker.

For a buck I figured I could play with it and see what I could do.

First I needed to remove the "hauntings"

Bye Bye ghost 
The windows popped easily off also.

More deconstruction was needed.
The top was held on to the bottom by tabs, which were easily separated.

I wanted to remove the "gray" piece from the bell tower
opening it up for more light to come through

Luckily there was only a screw holding it place.
I removed it and out it came

Of course the screw was holding the gray piece too. 
No worries, a little super glue will remedy that ;)

Bell tower back together and now open.

After snapping it back together, I opened up the windows so the light would shine through better.  It then was painted with Chalk paint
 in Ballet Slipper. I started with the SnowTex application for the snow covered look.

Slowly but surely I worked my way around the house applying the "snow"

Once done, I let it dry over night.

I glued small cut pieces of poly sheet to the inside of the windows. After they were dry I went over them with Super Gloss Mod Podge that left them with an old time wavy appearance. Once the windows were dry I gave the snow a light coat of Gloss Mod Podge and sprinkled crystal glitter for a bit of a sparkle.

I made tiny wreaths out of tinsel stems by wrapping around my finger 
and cutting them down.

The wreaths were glued to each side of the house

for berries I used red seed beads

and super glued them on using a paper clip.
I added a tiny bush and Snowman to the front of the house also.
I ended up adding filigree bead caps to the bell tower at the last minute ~
they're difficult to see, but oh so cute.

Once everything was dry, it was sealed to lessen any shedding.
Popped in the battery operated tea light and we're all set!

Tea light off.


Tea light on, daytime.



 In the dark, look how the light shines through the windows!

Love the way it turned out.
It's available in my Etsy Shop ♥



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