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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Teach A dog to Walk on a Leash

Or who's smarter, the dog or the human?
That proves to be the ultimate question around here lately.
Our newest addition Bella,
who I introduced here and mentioned here,
has turned out to be just about the most perfect dog.
Her and Katie make quite the watch dog team.
But Bella has one faux paus.
She is scared of the leash.
Not sure why,
maybe she was abused during her
first 3 years before we adopted her.
I've never seen a dog act quite like she does when you put it on.
She sits or lays and will not move!
I'm used to dogs who need to learn to walk on the leash pull to get away or go to the end and struggle.
She reminds me of a mule, can't get her to budge.
So we have been working with her.
For a few weeks she wore the leash in the house
to get used to it, which he did.
She drug it all over while attached to her collar.
We got a bit of advice from a friend who breeds dogs and has kennels. She said people usually start at home and try to walk away with the dog. She advised trying to carry her to the end of the block
and walk home. Well, wouldn't you know it worked!
She still needs more work but is coming along nicely...especially if you have treats to entice her ;)
Recently we took her to Donnelly Park to work
with her away from our town.
I was the first to work with her...walking a couple feet at a time and calling her to give her a treat.
Boy, did it take forever to get to the end of the park block!
On the way back as we approached M, she was raring to go to her...no treats needed! 
M and C decided they would take her and Katie next.
She seemed to do good following Katie.
They even walked together,
for a New York minute.

So far no treats needed!
Katie is a go getter.
She was hot on a scent and going a mile a minute
 Bella found her own interesting scent and stopped,
but was still standing.
M and Katie headed back to get her to move along.
 Well, I guess Bella was done, cuz down she went!
Then she was up.
Not moving but at least up!

Bella had decided she wasn't interested in
following Katie anymore.
No way to entice her.
 C tried treats.
She wasn't interested, probably full from when I took her,
even though I gave her itty bitty bits.
We had hope again! C got her up!
Then back down :(

Finally C gave up and carried her back.
Very disgusted I might add!
M and Katie headed back

 Once C was close enough he put her down.
She was off like a bullet right back to me! 
She will follow you and do what she's told,
but need to follow the law with a leash.
I have no doubt she will get used to it eventually.
Or we'll go broke from buying treats! LOL

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cool Steampunk Images

I Made A New Friend Today

As I went out this morning to hang some laundry on the line
there was a red Dragonfly perched on a clothes pin waiting for me. 
I ran and got my camera, of course!
He was still waiting for me when I got back.
He let me get really close so I could get some great photos.
He isn't as big as ''Big Red'' who hung out in my garden 
during the Summer a few years ago.
But he is just as pretty
''Little Red'' has beautiful wings

He even posed for me!

Whenever I head out with some laundry he comes
and hangs out with me while I hang it out. 
So friendly.
I've thought maybe he likes the wet laundry,
but I have yet to see him land on the clothes.
Or maybe it's waiting for the mosquitoes that
make a bee line for me when I head outside?
Who knows, it doesn't matter what his motive is.
All I know is it is awesome that he isn't afraid of me
 and it's nice to have a visiting buddy when I'm doing chores.



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