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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Baby Ladybugs ~ WW

 While weeding I discovered a nest of baby Ladybugs!

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Heart Strings Memory Book

I wanted to make a Memory Book to keep cards and other mementos in. Not having time to start a book from scratch, I started with an old book from my Treasure Pile that had been waiting for inspiration..

I opened it, turned a few pages, tore out 8 or so. Turned another few pages and tore out 8 or so more.... Continued this until I was to the end of the book. Tearing out the pages would make room for the items I would be adding (that was the plan anyway).

I covered the outside and inner covers of the book with remnants leftover from my Grandmother's quilt.

Next I embellished the cover by decoupaging paper images and even a dragonfly from an old jacket on it. I even found an old embroidered dresser scarf that had holes - cut out a circle from it and stamped on my title
"Heart Strings"

Then proceeded to embellish the pages that were left in the book.

These were decoupaged with a napkin

Napkins make it easy in case you come up short or it should rip, you can just add on a torn piece to match the size you need. Wait until it's dry and trim off any excess.

Love the texture

Other pages I water colored then added flower images to.
Once dry, I added a treasured card.

These I decoupaged with one solid napkin which I kept wrinkle free.

A souvenir bag was added to one side for a pocket,
while the other had lined paper attached then water colored.
The water coloring left it transparent enough for journaling.

Pockets were made here with one of my Mom's old Hankies,
then embellished.

No rules with this book.
You can do what you want!

I remember my Grandmother crocheting this collar.

Love this sentiment in this old card.

Making another pocket with one of Grandma's piece's of crochet.
Clothes pins hold trim down while adhesive dries.

Us crafters don't let much go to waste ~

After lining and decorating the inside and back of an envelope a card came in,
it was glued in for another pocket. :)
Some of these beautiful papers courtesy of Shabby Art Boutique.

Another couple pages coming together

Arranging back cover

Decoupaging on arranged pieces

This memory book has lots of pockets for special cards my Sister makes and I'm lucky enough to receive, like this special Easter Card she made last year. Due to COVID-19 our family like MANY others weren't allowed to spend the Holiday's together.

It seems each year our close knit family gets smaller,
so these occasions mean a lot to my generation -
especially since we are now the oldest.  
How the heck that happened I have no idea!! LOL
I was always the youngest growing up!!

Back to this darling card to which I'm showing just a few pages.

It definitely pulled my Heartstrings, as you can imagine

Yes, I cried, I missed my Sister

I'm lucky to have her ~ she's always been my biggest Cheerleader.

As you can see, I think I didn't pull out enough pages!
I tied a red ribbon around it, gluing the middle of the ribbon to the 
outer binding to keep it in place.
It's quite full, but as long as there's ribbon left to tie with, I'll keep adding.
Eventually making another

I do on occasion have original ephemera in my Etsy Shop

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