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Friday, August 24, 2018

Fairy Garden Drawers

What do you do with drawers you've picked up from the 
side of the road for FREE?

Make a Fairy Garden!

This is another project that has been in the making for a couple of years. I knew I wanted to make one and where I wanted to put it.
 But there was a big obstacle in the way.

 It leaked out that I wanted to make a Fairy Garden and before I knew it at every occasion I was receiving Fairy goodies. I had planned on making most if not all of the decor, but plans do change and before I knew it I had a pile of Fairy Garden Goodies!

Once that obstacle was removed I painted the cement 
the same color scheme as the deck so it would 
flow together as best as possible.

Next was to actually start the Fairy Garden!
The fronts of the drawers were already black which is what I wanted. You can't see it in the photos but the sides are painted a light purple.

I planned on writing a saying on them and came up with
 "Leave room in the Garden for the Fairies to Dance" ~ of course.
I also drew dancing Fairies here and there. 

Next I drilled holes in the bottoms for drainage.  I added coffee filters so the soil wouldn't drain/fall out through the holes.

I stacked them the way I wanted, placing a piece of styrofoam in the back of the bottom one where the top one sits. No use in wasting soil where there won't be any plants plus it also helped to provide stability for the top one to sit on. 

I poked a few holes in some plastic I had and placed that over the coffee filters to help hold in some moisture during our 106+ temps. During those days I rarely get out to water so this made sense to me.

I had a bit of Miracle Grow on hand so I tossed that in

When that was gone I added some Potting Soil

and sand that I had on hand.

I mixed then up right in the drawers.

Next was the fun part of figuring out where to put ALL the goodies! 

Done? Just about ~

I still find myself tweeking it here and there every so often

The plants have grown twice their size since these photos

Things are coming along as I saw it in my minds eye
as the Fairy Garden takes it rightfully place.

* ~ * TIP * ~ *

To help the smaller items stand up properly
glue a nail to their bottom

When dry, insert where you want them. 
They will stay put and not fall over!

Closeup of the top

Se fin!


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