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Friday, June 4, 2010

Flaunt Your Flowers!

Today is the day we all come together
to show off our hard work in the garden.
Please join me at Tootsie Time
for Fertilizer Friday.

I missed last week...
there's been a lot going on here.
But I managed to sneak a few moments for this week!

My Hydrangea..I haven't killed her yet.
Fingers crossed i don't.

One of my Roses

a happy Hollyhock
These babies reseed anywhere and love the heat

one of my favorite scents in the garden..

My oldest son and his girlfriend are trying their hands
at growing veggies this year.

His first pick and his pride and joy..so far

Wishing all a wonderful weekend and good gardening!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a Week....

The last week seemed to find me
spending a lot of time at the vets office.

Yes, again.

Baylee had her suchers/stitches removed last Friday.
One of them opened up to a pencil eraser size hole.
Our vet said she would leave it alone
because it was draining pretty good..
not sure if I would call it good,
stuff was pouring out of there!
(no, not going to show you pictures)

Yes, yes, I know it needed to drain.

But over the weekend it continued to open up even more.
Grossing all of us out, needless to say.

I called and then ran her in for a recheck.
She was put on antibiotics because
"it was getting goopy"
and left open to continue to drain.

I'm happy to report that it is starting to dry up.

But Cyndar, feeling Baylee was getting
to much attention for her boo boo,
decided to get in on the attention getting.

I called the dogs to go outside so we could get to bed last night.
Katie ran out...
Cyndar got up from her laying position to a sitting postiton
and seemed stuck.
She kinda rocked to try to get up. It didn't work.
I  helped her to a standing position.
Looked her over trying to figure out what was going on,
couldn't find anything out of the ordinary,
but she did flench when I touched her left leg.

She walked to the back door and then collapsed.

Visions of Whitley (one of our past dogs) ran through my head.
She collapsed and that was the end for our 14 year old friend.

I tried to get her up but couldn't
and she wasn't helping.
I threw on some clothes and called Dr. Wallace.
After explaining, she said bring her in.
So at 11:00 last night we flew to the vets.
5 mins, latter we were there, yes we're nice an close ;)

She checked her out thoroughly and said she had a pinched disc
that was giving her a Sciatica like pain.
She was also running a fever of 102.5. 
Doc said that this is common with Great Danes 
(hear that Maggie?)
and that it was good we brought her in then instead of waiting for morning.
She would have been a lot worse.
She received a shot of Prednisone for inflammation and Hycodan for pain.

Dr. Wallace also said that this will probably progress
to where she will loose bowel control.
But because we caught it early,
she should have 2-3 more years.

Happy she will be ok but sad that this
may be the very beginning of possibly the end.

Cyndar was sent home with enough Prednisone (inflamation)
for 2 weeks. Then will start Rymidil,
luckily I have some left from Toby.
This will keep the inflammation down.
She is also on TMS (antibiotic) because she had the fever
and more Hydocan (pain).

She is up and gingerly walking today.
Not to stable but up at least. 
She needs help getting up on my bed,
just can't get the back end to do what she wants.

Dr. Wallace called this morning to check on her.
She said to give her an extra Prednisone.

One thing I've noticed today is that when she sits,
 she is sitting differently.
It's also different when she lays down.

Her puts legs are more forward than usual.
I don't know if you can see in this picture...
yes, it is bad, I only had my phone available at the time...
but her legs are forward and under her.

She's just never laid like that before.
But all that matters is her pain is under control
 and we are doing all that can be done.
She has a recheck on Saturday.
We'll see that the Doc says then.

Dr. Wallace said she is going to have to name a wing after us.


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