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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Good Luck Gift for Dad

Buying something for the man in your life, be it your Father, Grandfather, Godfather or that special one that has been there for you all the way sometimes presents a problem. Let's face Men are hard to buy for!

Here's a little rustic ditty that easy enough that the kids can help with. It's just just rusty and grubby enough for a guy to hang anywhere.

And the meaning behind it can't be any better. 
Wishing him luck in all he does!

Grab some supplies:
a Horseshoe
faux succulents
wire, jute, or twine

I happened to have copper wire I picked up at a garage sale so that's what I used. But you could use any wire, jute, twine, cording, etc.

I pulled a length of wire out to straighten it and eyeballed the length I would need, then cut it.

I started wrapping the wire around the end of the horseshoe about an inch or so down. I didn't count how many times I went around, the choice is up to you.
When finished wrapping I pulled the wire under the wraps to secure it.

I left a long enough piece of wire to hang it by then
I started the same with the other end of the wire on the other side of the shoe. 

Once the wrapping was done I again wove the end of the wire under the wraps to secure it, then snipped off the extra.

I glued on some moss with GE Silicone II in case it ended up being hung outside.

I weighted it down overnight to be sure direct contact was made as it cured.

I picked up these faux succulents at Dollar Tree
Yay inexpensive!
I pulled one out of it's pot

It was too big!
I pulled a few of the bottom sections off until it was the size I wanted.
I cut the stem off.

Did the same to two others. Figured out where I wanted to place them.
Glued them down. Weighted them down overnight so all made contact and stayed where I wanted them to.

Really like it

I think I need to make me one!


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