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Monday, October 1, 2018

Making of a Whimsical Nest

I always like to have fun new discoveries for the littles to come upon when they spend the night. The expressions on their faces are adorable and
 go right into my Heart Memories.  

I can't take credit for this idea, 
I saw the one Empress of Dirt made for her shed roof 💙

This log has been here for years and 
gone through a lot of transformations. 
From bird feeder to plant stand to 
not being in use for awhile. 

As you can see it has rotted in the middle. 
I found a piece of stepping stone that fit just right,
don't want the nest to fall in!

 I still thought it would be perfect for this surprise.

When I pruned my grapevine last year I made a 
wreath roughly the size of the log. 
I have directions for wreath making in this post

Wreath completed.
Now wait until Spring when it's nice and dry to make the nest

It's dry!
I placed a piece of wood from the scrap pile on top
of the log then placed the nest on top of that for sturdiness.

I scrounged the garden for nesting material ~
  sticks, dry leaves, plant trimmings, pine needles, etc.

Next I added some raffia.

To top it off I added fallen flowers, pine bough tips,
and small twigs.

I looked for egg shaped rocks around the pond, 
lucked out and found 3 in the right shape and size.

I used Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X spray paints for the eggs 
because I had them leftover from other projects.

The "eggs" were sprayed Seaside, then speckled with brown.
I sealed them with Clear 
I even sprayed the nest with clear, I thought what the heck,
why not. I know it won't keep it perfect through the winter ~
maybe I'll cover it.

It was a hit with the littles.
We spent the day talking about which bird or 
possibly dinosaur laid them!

Well, how ever much a 2 and 3 year old and I could....... 

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