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Monday, October 1, 2018

Scatter Kindness ~ #sktrkndns ~ WW

One of our very first ones hidden in 2017
was finally found!
A little worse for wear ~

''Found outside Hobby Lobby in Turlock, Ca. 
Looks like it's been beat up. 
I will rehide tomorrow on our way to San Francisco.''

Paulette G. shared her first post.
New MemberMay 5 at 5:43pm

More to hide

Another was found! 😄
posted by Kenneth C.
on Aug. 4 

''This little guy stumbled into Taco Bell the other day'' 🌮🌮🌯😊😊

And yet another by Shawna S.
on July 19

''Cool! Found this as I was walking to my
doctor appointment this morning🙂 
California "Rocks" #sktrkndns''

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