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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dog on a Stick ~ WW

Bella and her Bully Stick - 
I think the stick is winning!

 More here

Sunday, March 28, 2021


My Sister and Hubby bought me some Strawberry Plants. 
They're flowers are so pretty - pink instead of white.

Last year I plant some veggies in the wheel barrel - a few got left behind. oops!

Since I wanted to plant the Strawberries in it,
 I first needed to get it ready.
Umm, yeh, those are Carrots 😒

Intimidating? yeh
But I pulled and pulled.....

Mutated? uh, yeh 😲
Quickly discarded

Carrots gone,
fresh soil added,
ready to plant!

Delizz and Ruby Ann Strawberries are planted!

Sweet blooms!

 The starters maybe small but they have big hearts - already trying to produce!
Happy plants 💖


Yes, that's a Feverfew in front. 
It will be listed and sold very soon!

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