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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cupcake Wrapper Wreath

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

School is Right Around the Corner!

I hope you are enjoying the end of summer and 
getting back into school!
Let's talk about WHY essential oils are such a great tool to have when the GERMS from school come calling! 
Did you know that a virus has the ability to embed itself in the cell wall, and that modern medicine cannot penetrate that cell membrane?? That's right! 
You have probably heard a doctor or nurse tell you that you just need to let the virus "run it's course" because there's nothing they can do about it...HOWEVER...there IS something you can do about it, and that is to use essential oils! 
Essential oils have the ability to penetrate the cell membrane and get right to that nasty little virus and ZAP IT! When you are educated and feel empowered to use essential oils in your arsenal, it's amazing what you are able to do! We become our own "Mommy Physicians" and just like that, we are able to take care of our kids and ourselves and other loved ones on the spot! Right then and there, no waiting around. That's why I'm so excited about the "Back to School Promotion" because we are offering the perfect set of tools to keep your kids FOCUSED and HEALTHY! 

Our Shield blend has the ability to kill germs right on the spot and also prevent germs from staying around! The roller bottles are added to the kit so you can make a simple and easy roller blend with Shield and Fractionated Coconut Oil and send it with your kids to school or keep in your purse or car to use while running around town or after school pick-up when your kids jump in your car with germ-y hands!! 
You can also blend Fractionated Coconut Oil with our Jeddy's blend and put in a roller bottle so kids that need extra help with focus can have something easy to just rub on their necks and wrists and inhale! You would not believe the difference this can make for many kids! Last year, my friend sent a roller bottle with my son who struggles with focus, to school. His teacher was educated on why he had it and agreed to let him bring it every day. One day, when she went to pick him up, she mentioned to me that she had seen a huge difference in using the blend and made sure that a few more were brought in so they never ran out haha! 
I hope that you have had a chance to try Shield and Jeddy's and have seen the amazing benefits both of these oils can bring!

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Here are just a few benefits of each oil:

Cleaning agent
Purifies the skin

Increased focus
Clear mind


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