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Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Items In Shop

Just a sampling of the new Spring items
 recently listed in my Etsy Shop .
Vintage JJ Easter Bunny Rabbit Mirror Brooch

This little brooch is the cutest!
Simply sweet ♥

Rag Garland Banner - Pink Innocence
A versatile garland that can be used for photo backdrop for any event, blocking an unpleasant view, a privacy curtain in the backyard to even a curtain!
Vintage Inspired Easter Jar
Altered jar filled with pink and blue Easter eggs would look charming in a vignette, centerpiece, on your mantle. 
Vintage Thread Spool Nest
One of a kind Spring nest to add to your Spring Decorations. 
Nested Button Easter Egg
Embellished Egg with vintage buttons and trims
nestles in a nest made in a pedestal cup.

Fabric Decoupaged Easter Eggs
Elegant fabric covers these Eggs for a
sophisticated take on Easter.
There's more listed and more to come.
Pop in and find that special Treasure for that
special someone, like you!
Dragonfly Treasure
Thank you for looking ♥♥♥

Friday, March 21, 2014

Winner for Purex Crystals Limited Edition !!!

Diann T. is the winner of the 2 coupons for Purex Crystals Limited Edition!  Congratulations Diann, email me your address and I'll get these out to you ASAP! Thank you so much for participating in the contest!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

My Wordless Tribute to a beautiful PINK Spring!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bed/Craft Room, Part 3

Time for another installation of "The Room".
In case you've missed the previous posts you can find
them here and here.

The last time I showed you the dresser and shelves that take up half of one of the walls in my room. You can see the edge of the dresser with my basket of faux fruit. The dresser butts up to a 6 foot long table that is now my "workstation".

It's usually messier than this, but I cleaned it up for you!
Well, kinda

I love that I have a window here. It not only lets the light in, but I can watch the birds in my gardens too. 
They provide inspiration and sing to me!
 All types of scissors reside in a striped mini French bucket.
To the right is a Rabbit feeder from my childhood when my parents raised Rabbits. I painted it white and added Dragonfly decals.
 It holds ALL of my paint brushes while bringing back memories. 
Under the table are those cheapy plastic storage drawers.
Not the most decorative things, but cheap and they work for me. They hold a ton of miscellaneous supplies.  

I used the same paper I used to cover the inside back of the
hutch to block out the front of the drawers.
Looks much neater than seeing a messy drawer.
Another on the side of the table.
My view of my Gazebo from my worktable.
Screen didn't help with photo :(
 I often get inspiration from helpers.
It's Bynx in the case :)
A smaller set of drawers on the table for smaller needfuls.
A tier basket hangs from the ceiling for more storage.
A clock I made over sits on top so I can keep track of time,
which I sometimes lose.
The wall opposite my bed is also lined with storage items
and inspiration boards.
Dad was a carpenter by trade, so when he worked on our local JC Penney store remodel he brought home a Pattern Cabinet from the fabric department. He used it to store his welding rods in. He had them organized by size. I've left the ''labels'' that were left in place.  
 It currently holds ribbons, trims, inks, stamps and other supplies
On the left of the cabinet is my Mom's African Violet Stand. She had it filled with them and they were always in bloom. My sister took it, updated it with an antiquing makeover then placed it in her Sunroom with plants.  She went through a major purge and it came my way. I wasn't sure that I wanted to acquire indoor plants, (I'm out of that phase) but then had an idea. I grabbed a few of Mom's clay pots, mixed up some paints to get as close to her color as I could, then painted the pots.  The stand now holds beading tools, paint pens, and other tools.
I had a magnetic frame in my Treasure Pile and since the Pattern Cabinet was metal I decided to use it there. The photo I wanted to use was smaller than the frame, so I found a page in my supply dictionary for "love" and used it for the background.
The photo is of my Grandmother that lived with us, my nephew, and my Mom holding B, my first baby at his first Christmas.
Nest to the Pattern Cabinet I have trunks and suitcases my Mom used when she went to join my Dad in Pensacola Florida during WWII. They are filled with photos from our family, my kids Graduation Gowns, and other family memorabilia.
On top sits and old birdcage that belonged to my Grandmother.
Inside is an Angel Blowing a Kiss
''Angels Blowing Kisses'' have a special meaning to me.
You can read about it here.
I have many throughout the house and garden.
 At the end of the wall hangs a shelf and bulletin board. The shelf was to be a display shelf. But, as you can see, there's more supplies hanging off of it, you can hardly see the bulletin board anymore!

Finished showing the other half of the first wall and completed another, enough for today.

Of course, there's more to come!


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