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Friday, September 27, 2013


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

Disappointed...with a BIG D

There are a few things more frightening (in my situation) than arriving home later than expected, in the dark, then fumbling trying to get your key into the lock so you can get safely inside. I hate leaving the front porch light on because that just wastes electricity and raises my PG&E, no one needs that in this economy.  I plan on getting quality solar motion sensor lighting (when all is said and done) for safety reasons. But want to be sure ALL is done before putting out that kind of money.

The other night I couldn't sleep (what's new), turned the TV on and of course what is on at 2 am but infomercials 

What popped on was an infomercial for Light Angel. A motion sensor LED light that will stick to anything with adhesive strips.

 The Light Angel runs on batteries and works both inside and outside: Whenever and wherever you need light. Plus, Light Angel is adjustable: Just shift the light so you can get illumination where you need it.
Light Angel is equipped with a motion sensor. When the sensor detects movement, such as when you approach your back door, the light turns on for a full minute, giving you a chance to find your keys, and the lock, and get back into your home. Unlike some motion sensor lights, Light Angel attaches to any wall, indoor or outdoor, without the use of special tools. Just peel the backing off the adhesive strips and press Light Angel firmly to where you want it to stay. The lights are also battery powered, which means that they operate even if the power is out.

I knew the adhesive strips would turn out to be useless but figured I could figure out a way to attach it where I needed it. The infomercial caught my attention and I was sucked in. Now I know better than to fall for these darn things but it just happened to have an inexpensive price and I thought they would hold me over with piece of mind until I could get quality products. Plus I thought being battery operated I could place them in darker areas outside  than where I plan to place the solar ones I intend to purchase in the future. Win, win situation, right?


Yeah, they work OK. My issue is the price they charged me. The infomercial said  it was $12.99 for one but they would through in a second one free, just pay for shipping and handling...a common practice with these kinds of sales. Also thrown in was to be an "Olde Brooklyn Lantern". More enticement ---if you want to play Geppetto looking for Pinocchio?  I figured even if they doubled then price it would still me less expensive than my future purchases.
When I called I was asked it I would like another one for $12.99 plus shipping and handling. Like a dummy I said yes, still excited about getting these to hold me over at a lesser cost. Of course, the "person" on the other end was automated so heaven forbid if you had any questions. And believe me I tried to get a real live person...pushing O repeatedly didn't get me an operator, neither did pushing any other inappropriate button. All I received is "I didn't understand that request", great.

So I waited with guarded anticipation. I received them several days later, they did have quick shipment. But with what I was charged it should have been overnighted! My bill for 3 Light Angels came to $74.64!

I have yet to receive any answer from all my forms of contact (email, phone, letter, etc.) for an explanation as to these outrageous charges. Great customer service, huh? I didn't even get the free Geppetto Lantern!

So my advice it to NEVER order anything off those darn infomercials - EVER!
But should you so feel inclined here is their website. Maybe there is better luck with it than the infomercial phone number - Good luck, you'll need it.

 I was NOT compensated for this product review post. I was NOT provided with a sample in exchange for a product review. All opinions expressed here are my own.


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