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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Grandkids ♥♥

Lily and Carly
Lily loves to have her photo taken

and will pose

and pose. Carly not so much....

She won't even look at the camera!
I think she's camera shy.....
But I will get a good photo of you one day my dear

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Little About a Lot of Different Things

Last months Creative Challenge over at Etsy Cottage Style were boxes.
Here's mine. 

My kids surprised me with a bouquet!

M & T off for T's Birthday Adventure

I can't Beleive It's Not Meat!!

OK I have to admit we (my 3 adult children and I) were a bit sceptical.

A few years ago a different brand had been served to us at a gathering. Lets just say we haven't had any since.

So when we received a coupon from BzzAgent to try Morningstar Farms veggie burgers for free, we were a bit....lot skeptical.

My daughter chose the Mushroom Lovers Grillers. I BBQ'd them like I would regular hamburgers. Let me tell ya, when I opened the packages they smelled so good...I wanted to take a bite right then and there! But I waited until they were cooked.

I wanted all of us to take a bite of the veggie burger plain...no condiments, to get the real taste of them. They were awesome!! Well, at least 3 of us thought they were. LOL My middle son didn't care for it. No worries, it got eaten ;)

 I happened to be outside when my neighbor got home from work today. He yelled "whats for dinner?" ~ just a long running joke we have. I walked over and told him that we had Mushroom Lovers Grillers by Morningstar Farms the night before. He said "really?" I said "yeh, really!" and I went on to tell him they were surprisingly really good. I guess he had been to the Dr recently and was told he needed to change his diet due to his cholesterol. He mentioned he needs to try "These Morningstar Farms".

Yep, that's what's for dinner at least once a week now ;)

Disclosure: The information, products were provided free by Morningstar Farms through BzzAgent.


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