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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fantastically Carved Pumpkins!

We were able to make it to an exhibition of 
exceptional pumpkin carvers. 
Here's a few we saw :)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I WON... Yippee?...I Think I'm Scared :/

OK, Not sure if I actually won? 
I collect data for NCP,
 a Joint Venture with Nielsen Ratings.
You collect points by doing this,
 then you get to pick a gift from their catalog.

When I started I think I was saving for a pots and pan set.
At the end of the 1st year I didn't have enough for that set so I let them roll over thinking I'd get them the next year. They weren't offered in the new catalog - figures!

Hmm, find something else I wanted, 
cuz I didn't like the pots and pans set they now had - figures!
OK how about a fancy smancy (OK'd by my sons) monitor, 
sure why not, couldn't find anything else.

At the end of the 2nd year I didn't have enough for the monitor so I let them roll over hoping I'd get it the next year. It wasn't offered in the new catalog - figures!

Here we go again! 
Didn't realize the hardest thing was to save too many points and find something I wanted before a new catalog came out. All the things that required lower points were things I already had or didn't want or couldn't use. Geesh!

So again I went to look in the new catalog to see what I would be aiming for this year that I wouldn't be able to get. Lo and behold I about fell out of my chair! I had so many I could choose anything I wanted. I hadn't payed attention but when you hit a certain point goal your collection points would double each time you transmitted. Evidently I had hit some the end of the previous year and the beginning of that year.

The most expensive item they had was a propane BBQ, check - received one for Christmas, no thank you.
Then there was this sewing machine!

I have wanted a sewing machine for at least 35+ years.
I filled out the forms, watched as my points zoomed down to 25 and sat there.
It couldn't be that easy could it?
No shipping fees?

In 2 weeks a Brother Project Runway Sewing with Style Sewing Machine was delivered to my door!


Here she is in all her glory!

That was about 3 months ago.
I couldn't wait to get her - so tired of sewing everything by hand.
To take that photo was the only time she has seen light.....


She looks so, so............is that even a sewing machine????
Can you be scared of a sewing machine?

Last time I owned a sewing machine it looked like this

In fact I happened upon an old photo when looking for one of my 2 first born and happened to see it back in the corner. Unfortunately it is in it's case, but you can see what I mean

 What the sewing machine looked like in Home Ec

One similar to my Mom's. 
The one I actually learned on

Those are the 3 types of sewing machines I've used -
I wasn't expecting one looking like a robot :/
YES, I read the booklets!
They are greek! 

I will take a deep breath
I will re-read the booklets
I will take the machine out of the box
I will learn how to make a bobbin
I will learn how to thread it
I will decipher the hieroglyphics

But not today!!


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