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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Paint'em Pretty ~ Valentine's

There was a major time crunch this past week or so.
Being released by one Doctor for one son,
only to have 2 new specialists enter for other.
Now waiting approval for 2 surgery dates.
Last Friday capped it off with 5 appointments in one day.
Intersperse watching my sunshine when
her parents were in a pinch, 
much more fun than stressful ;)

But I digress ~
with Valentine's approaching my nails had
been bare and I got the evil eye from my counselor.

What can I say,
there's only so many hours in the day!
I assured her I would make time for myself,
she assured me going to my appointment didn't count.

So I was thinking of a quickie Valentine inspired mani to throw on my nails. No not a real Valentine's girl, more anti-Valentine's, but was trying to get into the spirit of things, when I remembered something I saw on Pinterest.
you can see their original article by clicking on their link ^
She has lots of fun ideas!

I applied a couple coats of
Finger Paints ~ Brushstroke Blush,
alas I think it may be the end of my bottle.

When my polish was thoroughly dry,
I drew on a little gold heart with a Gold Sharpie!
Easy peasy!
And if you make a mistake,
you can gently wipe it off with rubbing alcohol.
Once done, let thoroughly dry.

 Topped off with 1 coat Sally Hansen's Megashine,
I was done!

The reason I was having difficulty finding Sally Hansen's Megashine is because they had repackaged it.
Frustrating, you know what your looking for but can't find it,
bugs me in the grocery store too!!

OK time to get out there and get your
Valentine Nails done if you haven't already!

I'm of to get lab work done

Most !nteresting #1

Great idea, your family could even plant you
in their yard if they wanted to.

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