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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How To Keep Cozy When The Temperature Falls

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Once December arrives, it's a no brainer the weather will get chilly  and stay that way for what will seem like forever.
It will most likely get even colder as we get into the heart of the Winter months.

It's already started here ~
having our water heater go out isn't helping, 
but that's another story for another day

Chilly weather, you know what that means - it's time to get prepared for lots of frosted windshields and icy sidewalks.

Fortunately, this also means it's the season of bundling up and staying cozy inside. I have some helpful tips and hacks for ensuring you a warm cuddly hibernation and light on battling ice, snow and those darn freezing temperatures.

On that thought, I've searched and come up with several brilliant ways to help keep the warm in and the cold out, using things you probably already have laying around your home.  I've even included a few ways to help with some issues you very well may encounter with your auto.

Were you aware:
For your home ~

Placing a couple sheets of tinfoil placed down the back of a radiator will reflect heat back into a room rather than letting it uselessly escape through the walls of a house.

Spritz your home's windows with a little water and line them with bubble wrap, bubbles facing the glass. The water makes them adhere and they will act as insulation help keeping the warmth in and cold out.

If you use an electric blanket, you most likely still have it on as you get up. Before you turn it off, you can use it to warm up the clothes you are changing into. 

You can make a door draft blocker with a pair of old tights or nylons, 2 cardboard gift wrap tubes and a pair of scissors. 1. Cut one leg off the tights/nylons  2. Cover both wrapping paper tubes with the legging  3. Cut excess off of the wrapping paper tubes  4. Tuck the ends of the legging into the tubes  5. Slide under the door so there is a tube on each side

Your outlets can actually leak heat from your home.  Outlet Plate insulation are so inexpensive and really easy to install. Just unscrew the plate, put the piece of insulation over the outlets, and then screw the plate back on. 

Be sure to reverse your ceiling fan to have it run on low clockwise. By doing this once in a while, it will push the warm air that rises back down to you.

When you're done cooking/baking with the oven, leave the door ajar while it cools to take advantage of the heat left inside.

For your car~
To de-ice a frozen car door lock, place a few drops of hand sanitizer on the key and insert it.  I have to laugh, years ago, before there was hand sanitizer, we used to carry the car key in our mouths on the way to the car to warm it up so the key would be warm when inserted! LOL Now this was in Kodiak Alaska, mind you! LOL

Old knee socks make great overnight cozies for your windshield wipers.

If your cars headlight covers are dingy, clean them with toothpaste. It will remove the oxidation so they will be nice and bright when on so you'll be able to see well.

Cover your cars side mirrors with zip lock bags and close them as much as possible to keep ice and frost at bay.

If possible, park facing east so the sun can melt the frost or ice off your car for you.   

Well, I hope some of these are new to you and help out this season.
By all means, stay safe and healthy


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