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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paint'em Pretty ~ Snow

I received Nail Art Brushes so I was hoping to do a really good job on my snowflake this time.  It's better, but I NEED practice! ;)

3 coats of Pure Ice in Bikini
with our cold weather I'm renaming it Jack Frost!!
Snow and Snowflake is Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer
by L.A. Colors in white.

Center dot of Snowflake is Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer
by L.A. Colors in silver glitter.
Lastly topped with one coat of my fav
top coat Sally Hansen's Megashine.

I used the two smallest brushes for the Snowflake
and the dotting tool for the Snow.

Professional Nail Art Brush Review #nailartbrush

For those of you who follow my blog, you know by now my therapist has ordered a ''prescribed'' me time.
It is to be something I used to love to do,
hence mine is painting my nails, my Colors of the Week posts..
So when I was asked to review this set of Professional Nail Art Brushes, I was over the moon with excitement! 

This high quality set includes 8 Professional Nail Art Brushes/Tools for detailed painting, drawing, dotting, and designing in Christmas White from A Store Plus.

Ideal for both the beginner (that's me)
and professional nail artist.

I got right into it and started painting my nails asap!
With these brushes I hope to practice enough to improve my designs. SO happy to receive these brushes!

Falling snow and a snowflake,
not too shabby for my first time, huh?

These brushes are great for a beginner as they are not very expensive. I like their wood handle which fits my hand well and is light to hold. They did not leave any bristle hairs behind when I used them and were easy to clean. I was really impressed that they all came with a plastic sleeve to protect their bristles which range from thick to incredibly thin. The dotting tool is great, no more using a bobby pin or toothpick ;).
I can now get perfectly round dots.
Anyone who likes to paint their nails and
do designs or drawings will love this set.
I only wish they had come with a pamphlet
with the names and what each brush was for.
A little bag to keep them in would be nice too. 

Nail Art Brushes Set is available on Amazon
 I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or a discounted  price from AStorePlus.  Regardless, I only recommend products or
services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

CoQ10 Complete Antioxidant & Energy Support Review #CoQ10AntiOxidant

OptimalXT CoQ10 Complete Antioxidant & Energy Support

Gimme Energy or give me death...err sorry got carried away there.

This product seems like a powerhouse for your body all in one. I was anxious to try it out when I was chosen. 

We're all looking for antioxidants, energy, and something to boost our immune system, here is the product description:

SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: CoQ10 plays a pivotal role in powering the heart's pumping mechanism by "sparking" the reaction that energizes cardiac tissues.

INCREASED ENERGY: Can boost your energy levels by ensuring your cells are at peak performance.

PREVENT FREE RADICAL DAMAGE: CoQ10 is intended to help your cells produce the energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance, by supplementing your diet with dietary nutrients that assist and support your body's natural systems.

ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT: Protects your body and cells from damage caused by harmful molecules across multiple organs.

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Co-enzymes assist enzymes to digest food and perform other body processes. They also help protect the heart and skeletal muscles.

Dosage: Take 1 capsule one to three times daily with meals, or as directed by your physician. For best results, moderate daily exercise and a healthy diet are recommended.

Safety Information: Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take this product if you have any medical condition or are taking any prescription medication. This product is not intended for individuals under the age of 18. Consult your physician prior to use.

I've been taking these on a regular basis for a couple weeks now and feel a little more energized. I am hoping as it builds up in my system I will feel the maximum effects. The information does say it takes 60 to 90days to reach it's full effect. I am currently taking one a day and am pleased with the results. I was having that mid afternoon slump and am happy to report I don't seem to be dragging as much as I was.  I have a lot of stress in my life and have concerns about my heart in the back of my head. I take fish oil as recommended by my physician and am glad to add this to my arsenal. I was glad my Dr. OK'd taking this supplement which will also help support a healthy blood pressure.
I plan to continue purchase another bottle and using
 OptimalXT CoQ10 Complete Antioxidant & Energy Support
for the full 90 days to feel it's full effect.
I'm happily optimistic that if I feel improvement in a mere couple of weeks, that I will feel it's full effect within the 90 days.
If not they even offer a 60 day empty bottle guarantee!  
It's a win, win situation!

CoQ10, what exactly is it?

CoQ10 is naturally orange and found in most cells in the body. CoQ10 helps support cellular energy production in the mitochondria – the powerhouses of most cells. The highest concentrations of cellular mitochondria are found in the hardest working cells in the body, such as the heart, making CoQ10 an important nutrient to help support heart function. Moderate amounts of CoQ10 are found in foods, but the primary source of CoQ10 in the body is produced by the body itself. CoQ10 levels decrease with age and some cholesterol-lowering statin drugs can reduce CoQ10 production, which is why supplementing may be helpful to replenish CoQ10 levels in the body.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free or a discounted price from Free Products.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Great Minds........

I wanted to make Izzy a first Christmas Ornament.
I piled a bunch of supplies on my table and since I love snowflakes, I thought I'd pass on my fav Christmas symbol on to her.
You know me, always in a hurry, so sorry no photos of the process but it's simple, so I'm sure you can do it without photos.

Wooden snowflake base painted pink, then painted with clear glitter paint.
Plastic white snowflake with iridescent glitter.
Pink crepe paper fold accordion style, then flattened and edged with pink glitter.
Silver glittered snowflake is smallest and last.
All were hot glued on top of each other.

I printed out to little banner commemorating her 1st Christmas.
Notched each end, added a pink "sparkle" to each side and hot glued on.
I made a bow out of white ribbon with silver scrolling and glued it at the top. Added a hook and it was ready to go!
I think it turned out really cute.

Imagine my delight when we were given an ornament too!

Tanya and her Mom made these darling ornaments.
 I was so tickled to receive one.
How they got Izzy to keep her feet still long
enough to do this is unimaginable. LOL

I love and cherish this ornament.
It means so much to me.
There's nothing like handmade gifts!
They do come from the heart!

GREAT minds do think alike!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Light up Your House for the Holidays, Not Your Energy Bill

These energy-conscious lighting tips will help you save some money on your energy bill this holiday season, leaving you with more funds to spend on loved ones.

The holidays are a fun, but often expensive, time of year. It’s easy to blow budgets on gifts for loved ones and on electric bills by making the season bright. Fortunately, saving money during the holiday season can be just as simple with a few energy-conscious lighting tips.

Look on the bright side

Substituting new LED holiday lights for run-of-the-mill incandescent holiday lights can give you big savings and make a big statement. LED (or light emitting diode) lights are brighter than traditional lights, and they last longer while using far less energy. In fact, LED light strings can use 90% less energy than regular incandescent lights and last about ten times longer. When you shop, just make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Look for government and industry-approved energy-saving logos.

No matter what you choose, buying holiday lights can be expensive. So keep your eye out for manufacturer rebates and coupons, and be sure to check with your local utility provider to see if they offer any special rebates for LED decorations.

Besides being energy efficient, LED holiday lights offer other important advantages. They’re cooler than incandescent lights (which can help reduce fires), have no filament or glass to break and can help prevent overloading sockets when you string them end-to-end. And believe it or not, using energy-efficient holiday lights like these can even help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Remember, you don’t have to limit your energy savings to just around the holidays. Using LED bulbs is a smart, energy efficient choice any time of the year for lighting inside and outside your home. 


Timing is everything

You can further reduce your holiday electric bill by limiting your light display to “primetime” hours. Extension cords with built-in timers can easily be found in most hardware stores. Make sure they’re suitable for outdoor use. Then, simply plug in your lights and set timers to turn on when it gets dark and switch off at bedtime. No sense lighting your home when few people are around to enjoy it. The same holds true at other times of the year with your standard outdoor lights. Instead of a timer, you can even use a motion sensor. That way, your outdoor lights will only go on when triggered.


Consider solar
Depending on how much sun exposure you get, solar-powered lights can be a great energy-saving solution. Even in winter, these lights can soak up enough sun to light up an outdoor tree without relying on electricity.

Get more bang for your buck

Here’s a smart tip to pump up the light without bursting your electric bill: Strategically place reflective ornaments or tinsel to bounce light in multiple directions. This will create a dazzling shimmery effect that tricks the eye into seeing more lights than are actually there.

A little can go a long way

Here’s another efficient way to create lots of visual drama without having to add tons of additional lighting. Simply, use colored flood light bulbs in place of standard outdoor floods. You can find a variety of festive colors such as red, green and blue. Then, position the lights so they bathe your home’s exterior in a warm, cheery glow.

You can achieve a lot with dramatic up-lighting. Focus them on your home or seasonal planters positioned along a walkway. Try flanking your front door for an added effect.

If that’s a little too much for your taste, just substitute colored light bulbs in a few of your exterior fixtures, such as on your porch, above your front door or outside your garage. You’ll get pops of festive color with a more subtle effect.

Light the night with luminaries

During the holidays, you’ll often see these glowing lanterns in rows along a sidewalk or leading up a walkway to a front door. Luminaries are often made from brown paper bags that are weighted down with sand and lit from within by candles. A safer energy-efficient solution would be battery-powered LED luminaries. They’ll still create a classic, warm and welcoming feel, just in a modern and Eco-friendly way.

Create a warm glow

Speaking of battery-powered candles or candlesticks, using them in your front windows can also add light with limited energy use and cost. Look for scented varieties to add another layer of cheer. Create a warm glow throughout your home with holiday-themed votive holders illuminated with actual votive or battery-operated tea-lights. Many of these flameless options are made to mimic the flickering of a real candle, so you can enjoy all the atmosphere without any of the worry that comes with a real flame.

With so many wonderful options available today, you can be energy-conscious AND festive without having to compromise. Follow these energy conservation tips this holiday and, perhaps, you’ll be able to splurge on an extra gift just for yourself.
From American Home Shield


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