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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Good Bye Angel, We love and Miss you

I can't believe I'm writing another one of these. Angel crossed over The Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon. She hasn't been herself for a while. She was Ty's cat and he wanted a quality of life exam. That difficult decision was made again. She was his best friend. He got her when he was in 6th grade, as a kitten from Mary who used to work in Dr Canga's office, he's 32 now. He named her after a series that he liked at the time "Dark Angel". We're all pretty numb......

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Monday, April 13, 2020

Good Bye Katie, I love you

Katie crossed over the rainbow bridge Easter evening. She was such a great friend, companion, confidant, and more. She helped me get thru a lot of hard times.. 19 yrs was just not enough. She is already greatly missed.
She can now run with Cyndar, Toby, and Bailey.
I miss all of them and all the ones before them so much right now.

I'll be taking some time to unplug for a bit.

Everyone stay safe and stay well ♥


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