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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday TJ!!

Yes, we celebrated TJ's 23rd birthday yesterday.
He decided he just wanted to hang out at home with the family
and have Tracy finish his birthday tattoo.

He opened gifts...

got his tat finished..
A is for Anthony
(great job Tracy!!)

had a bonfire on his Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake...

smiled for the camera

made a wish....

and blew!

The youngins played quarters...

then headed to the local bar.....
let me just say, they had 'too' good of a time
and it's rather quiet around here today.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Now These Are Icicles

Christmas is over,
the tree is down,
99% of the decorations are packed away.....

Are you ready for the New Year?
Me neither.

But before the New Year can start,
we need to celebrate my middle Son's 23rd Birthday.
Holy Cow!! I didn't realize he was that old!

I mean, I knew how old he was...just didn't realize he was that old!
LOL You now what I mean.
Well, maybe you don't..
time has sped up so fast for me I can barely keep up!!!

His birthday is the 30th of Dec.
The same day my Paternal Grandmother was born.

we had 60 degrees of sunshine today!
Felt sooo good.
I'm ready for Spring!!

The following photos are amazing.
I'm sure these people are ready for Spring too!

Now Quit complaining that you're Cold!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

♥♥ Believe ♥♥

I believe in Santa. Do you?
I always told my children that once you stop believing, he stops coming.

I don't ever remember not believing in Santa. 

Probably because Santa came each Christmas Eve to my house.

Santa would ring our back door bell
and ''Ho Ho Ho'' his way in!
He carried a large red sack of gifts.

My cousins and I would eagerly wait and try to peek out the windows
to see him arrive...only to be shooed away.
All my close relatives would be there.

He'd come in and sit down and pass out gifts.
It was so exciting!!
Once done, he'd sneak into a bedroom and change back then join us.
Of course, we were too busy opening our presents to pay any attention.

When I was little Santa was my Uncle Ernie (Miss you so much!)
He was the best♥♥

Over the years Santa may have changed with
the each generation, but he always came.
  The next generation of little ones believed and
that excitement always filled the room.

And I still do!

Wishing all a Magical Memory Making Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Ornaments

I was lucky enough to collect some of my Mother's old ornaments.
They bring back so many memories of us decorating the tree. She's been gone since 2001 but these make me feel that she's still close. I miss her so...
They may have some...or a lot, of color missing but I don't care, I love them!

I like to pull them together in containers and display them.
You saw some here and I also put some in my wooden tray
on the kitchen table.

Some are so tiny....miniature balls of delight.

A few were given to me and few I picked up at sales,
but the majority come from Mom.

Another Holiday vignette in the kitchen.
My fav sign by DaizyDonna.
The prim Angel I picked up last year at a fav consignment shop.
The same shop I found this tablecloth in this year for $3.00!
Love this style and fabric, they are so heavy,they may have a chance of lasting in my crazy house!
You can see the green and purple one in the back that I use to save the cushions on the bench from spills and such.

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

♫ Oh Christmas Tree ♫

I'm joining Funky Junk for Saturday Nite Special

Linda's Open House Part 2 over at  Coastal Charm,
were we are all showing off Holiday Decorations!

I found a place for the some of the Jingle Flakes I purchased last week.

When I first got this deer at a garage sale I thought I would paint it white...never got around to it. Now can't decide if I should or not.
What do you think?

Mom's Shiny Brites

This little lady has obliged to hold Candy Canes

My fav ornament.
I remember my Grandmother crocheting this and then trying to get it stiff enough top hold it's shape.
Can you see the what she made the clapper out of?

Our new pre-lit tree.
What a breeze to set up!!
Just the right size for out crowded cozy living room.
Went for a simple look this year,
didn't add all the ornaments we usually do.
Wish I would have now that the Christmas Spirit has finally found me!


another bell my Grandmother made

A dove from my Mother's Memorial

Melissa made this paper stocking when she was in Elementary school

Love this Snowflake.
You can see on the lower right the ornament we received from our Mail Lady, Kelly, this year. Each year she finds a mailbox for give us!
What a sweetie she is!

TJ made the dough tree in school as a present one year.

Brandon made this sweet Bear

Had extra photos one year and made ornaments with them.
Used some napkin rings I had,
then put them on top of gifts.
But kept one for us.

Here's one Cody made...pretty purple ☺

That's it for today.
Short on time and long on to do's!

Wishing all a Magical Memory Making Christmas!


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