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Friday, December 17, 2010

Vintage Ornaments

I was lucky enough to collect some of my Mother's old ornaments.
They bring back so many memories of us decorating the tree. She's been gone since 2001 but these make me feel that she's still close. I miss her so...
They may have some...or a lot, of color missing but I don't care, I love them!

I like to pull them together in containers and display them.
You saw some here and I also put some in my wooden tray
on the kitchen table.

Some are so tiny....miniature balls of delight.

A few were given to me and few I picked up at sales,
but the majority come from Mom.

Another Holiday vignette in the kitchen.
My fav sign by DaizyDonna.
The prim Angel I picked up last year at a fav consignment shop.
The same shop I found this tablecloth in this year for $3.00!
Love this style and fabric, they are so heavy,they may have a chance of lasting in my crazy house!
You can see the green and purple one in the back that I use to save the cushions on the bench from spills and such.

Merry Christmas!!


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