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Monday, December 13, 2010

When is a Barn NOT a Barn?

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Melissa and I were able to sneak out Wednesday and go to an Estate Sale.
We found the place..out in the country, and 
parked out side the gates.

We could see those portable/fold up carport thingies
(we've been having rain) lining the way to a big red barn.
Their grass was full, I want to say 'tight knit' no mud in sight.
Once we reached the 'walkway' it was a nice dry trail to the barn.

I thought once inside it would be dirt floor with whatever was left from the sale, as this was the 4th and last day.
As we got closer we noticed there were french doors for the entrance.
I thought to myself that they must have just used what they had when they built it.

BOY oh boy was I wrong!
Stepping inside we saw that the floor was carpeted and it was nice and warm.
Not what we had expected at all.
One look around and we knew it wasn't a barn at all.
It was where they did their entertaining!
And boy they must have had some big shindigs!

The first room we entered must have been the sitting room. Several vintage sofas lined the walls along with pianos.A Baby Grand from the 1800's and this Player Piano with over 700 rolls!

The price on this baby was $3900. 

The room behind that was the dining room.
The walls there were lined with humongous vintage china cabinets.
There must have been like 10 or so. 

This set of dishes was $300.
Large with lots of serving/coordinating pieces but too rich for my blood.

 There were, of course, Grandfather Clocks.

Tables with Holiday items

and jewelry...real jewelry, not the fake stuff

a few little evening bags

AND did I mention LOTS and LOTS of Chandeliers!!
Gorgeous Chandeliers

you can see the part front door in the left of this picture
and look at the shelf on the right that runs all the way around this room.
It was filled with everything imaginable.

One long table was covered in vintage Chandy Chrystals.
Everything size and shape imaginable!
4" teardrop even!! 
Look at this one, so pretty.

Not everything was half off, so we wandered and collected a few treasures.

A tub of silk yarn (who new they made such a thing?!)
and a free pile of scrap and a few good size pieces of fabric.

These were the crystals I ended up getting. Thought I had grabbed 2 bags but guess I must have set one down somewhere. :(

Pretty huh?
Wish I had more money to blow
I could have left with so many more crystals.
But this will do.

8 glittery Snowflake bells

all new still with tags from Pier 1

and old frame and candle wreath, still with tag 

gotta grab Styrofoam when I see it ;)
a few pearl berry picks

a couple more Snowflakes

and some freshly cracked walnuts ready for baking next week ♥


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