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Monday, December 20, 2010

♥♥ Believe ♥♥

I believe in Santa. Do you?
I always told my children that once you stop believing, he stops coming.

I don't ever remember not believing in Santa. 

Probably because Santa came each Christmas Eve to my house.

Santa would ring our back door bell
and ''Ho Ho Ho'' his way in!
He carried a large red sack of gifts.

My cousins and I would eagerly wait and try to peek out the windows
to see him arrive...only to be shooed away.
All my close relatives would be there.

He'd come in and sit down and pass out gifts.
It was so exciting!!
Once done, he'd sneak into a bedroom and change back then join us.
Of course, we were too busy opening our presents to pay any attention.

When I was little Santa was my Uncle Ernie (Miss you so much!)
He was the best♥♥

Over the years Santa may have changed with
the each generation, but he always came.
  The next generation of little ones believed and
that excitement always filled the room.

And I still do!

Wishing all a Magical Memory Making Merry Christmas!!!


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