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Saturday, May 15, 2010

♫ Into the Rain ♫ (conclusion)

Continued from here.

Onto Cannery Row
and into all the fun shops there.

And then there's Zoltar.
No, I didn't talk to him
even though he was talking to me.
No way, uh uh
not after what happened in "Big"!

ah yes, all the fun novelty items.
Anyone need a TP holder?

Hadn't seen the King there before
but he was this time!
Good thing my Sister wasn't there...
she would have swooned and
we would had to have carry her the rest of the way!!
J/K Sandy!

Knights of the Round Table?
Sir Cody and Sir Brandon

Sure glad none of us had a toothache....
He already had one tooth in his extractors
 and was looking for another!


Oh La La!

The hard economy has hit Monterey.
Bussing a table?
It's for the birds!
Sorry couldn't resist! 

We had lunch at The Fish Hopper,
our usual stop.
One word

Views from our table...

After lunch we walked some more..
to work off our lunch!

We came across this inside one on the mini malls.
Too Cute!!

Tanya and Brandon

Brandon, Cody and Melissa

OOO  A Miss Kitty "Voltar"
She was spooky in her own right

Melissa always finds the men!

Of course, as we headed home the skies cleared
and the sun came out

Beautiful blue skies

They made for great photos of San Luis Reservior

And then I fell asleep.....
and woke up at home.
Yep, the perfect ending to a perfect day!

♫ Onward in the Rain ♫ (part 2)

Continued from here

The skies weren't friendly looking....

but Monterey always is

Isn't this the cutest shop?

At the Warf....

Melissa getting a little Captian LOL

Love all the huge decorations 

Melissa thought she'd died and gone to Heaven!
We had to pull her off! LOL

There are alot of Captains around these parts
and Melissa loves playing ;) 

See the Monkey on his shoulder?

Did I mention Melissa had fun?

Brandon and Cody

Love the look of this old Cannery turned
Gift Shops.

Mr Sharkey

This guy doesn't look too happy....

 I thought this was really cool!
Would look awesome in the garden!
A Compass Rose of sorts.
A different face on each side.
West was serene

South was happy

East was breezy

And North was blustery

But at $299.00, it was def out of my price range.

More crazyness to come
in the next segment!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

♫ Singing In The Rain ♫ (part 1)

Yes, we got caught in the rain in Monterey.
No worries...none of us are made of sugar! LOL
My oldest son drove for me...best gift ever!
While youngest son navigated.

I got to sit in the back.
A treat for sure.
No juggling the camera while driving ;)

We passed O'Neil Forebay
Didn't see many fishing.

Really enjoyed watching the scenery!

the rolling hills

interesting Oaks

and other vegetation

I love looking at the hills

interesting rock formations

and of course, Pacheco Pass,
also know as,
"Blood Alley"

There are lots of stories that have been around
for a long, long time conserning this area.

One of the most common is the Pioneer/Indian Massacre. 

It's said that the Poineers drove the Indians up
this mountain on
the easy sloping side
and off the shear side to their deaths. 

This is one of the most dangerous roads in California
with many, many fatal accidents. 

Some people feel a since of dread or
sadness when passing through here.
Some claim it's haunted.

And some have claimed to see UFO's.

Here is a description that has been written about it:

 "There have been numerous sightings of a woman searching for her child, hearing the sound of a stage coach and the snorting and breathing of horses, and a rumor that a woman was killed by a truck driver and she appears in the passenger seat of a truck, screams and then vanishes."

I haven't had any experiences...day or night.

A Strawberry Field near Watsonville...
some of the best Strawberries come from this fertile area
with it's near perfect climate
for growing them.

s a n d . . . . .
getting near Monterey

sand dunes and ocean!

ah, some of the many historic El Camino Real Bells.
These were first placed along "the Kings Highway"
in 1906 marking footpaths to the Missions.

More to come in Part 2 ☺☺


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